I finally got lucky at the outlet for once!!!

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  1. Went to the outlet this weekend with the 20% off coupon and got some great deals, including one score I cannot believe I got that lucky!!!!! Anyone wanna see?????
  2. Show it!
  3. show me plz
  4. Oh gosh. I feel the jealousy kicking in and I haven't even seen pics yet :lol: I knew I shoulda gone back this weekend! Show us!
  5. Here's a family pic...
  6. I wanna see!!!
  7. I think I spot a Zoe there :lol:
  8. :popcorn:
  9. I'm going to guess Parker Shoulder Bag in Violet!
  10. You are close, as I have 4 zoes.... but a zoe this is not!
  11. Oooh, I saw those...tempting!
  12. I'm stumped then! Teaser pic please! :P
  13. Julianne? That's a square shape?
  14. Ok, here's some accessories...
  15. Cute! It's Peter Cottontail :P