I FINALLY got it!

  1. Ladies,
    I ordered this bag 5 weeks ago from eBay.... I never received it. The seller's mom was ill and she said she had a friend mail it to me. But it never came.. And I'm thinking that the "friend" never "mailed" it, or she put the incorrect address on the package... So I'm still working on getting my money back for it...

    Anyways, I ran out of patience and bought another one. I'm just so happy to finally see what it looks like!!! Its a bit small but its really starting to grow on me!!!

    Here she is!! I just wish that Coach made this shape BIGGER!!! The last pic is with my plum belted ergo and my Razr.. so you can get a better idea of how big this bag is. From the pics that I've seen of this bag, it really seemed bigger than all the other top handled pouches.. I guess what i was hoping for was a miracle and that it was bigger.. but its ok... the size isnt that bad!!!

    (gross! i didnt realize that my door was so dirty.. yuk! sorry ladies... thats kinda embarrassing, LOL)

  2. Love that scarf print :smile:
  3. I love it! I just bought a little bleecker bag last week small like this one but different, and I knew it was small but it's soooo easy to carry! I just had to midgetize the things that go in it, put a smaller wallet , smaller sample sizes of perfume, lipstick and I'm good to go! Hooray for your good taste, it's TDF.
  4. That is adorable! I really liked that year's scarf print, but I knew I would have snagged it in a heartbeat. It looks great on you - esp. with that oufit in your picture. :yes:

    I am so glad you FINALLY got it!
  5. Soooo cute! I have that exact same scarf print pouch except I have the blue/brown/white coloring. I love it! :love: It is a little on the smal side, and I'll admit sometime I find it awkward just to hold while I shop. I can't quite sling it on my shoulder, and it feel weird in the crook of my arm. But I still can't quite get rid of it because it is just too pretty!
  6. That is the cutest little bag! Scarf print suits that bag's shape so nicely, and I like the colors too.
  7. I loved that scarf print when it was out, the colors are so pretty! But I'm partial to scarf prints anyway, lol. Totally cute bag but I would never be able to go that small.
  8. I love the colors on both your bags! So pretty!
  9. Very cute, a great when you dont have to carry much :smile:
  10. Pretty... I love the scarf print on that bag... :yes:
  11. I love the green scarf print!!
  12. So cute! Congrats
  13. Congrats, it's SOO pretty!
  14. It is a cute bag!!
  15. cute! congrats! :tup: