I Finally Got It!

  1. ok! so FINALLY on monday night i won the...
    hamptons signature stripe large carryall!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    ok, and get this. nwt. guess how much i got it for? :nuts:
  2. post pics congrats!!!
  3. 200? :biggrin:!

    Grats!! Can't wait to see it!
  4. Congrats! nwt is the only way to go. I'm hoping you got it for under $200.
  5. How much?!
  6. Congrats on your new bag!
  7. retail - $398. i got it for! - $197! :yahoo:
  8. i'll post pics as soon as i receive it!
  9. Is this the sameone I just got? Do you have a pic:smile: TIA

  10. Wow you got a great price:nuts: I had to pay retail for mine because it wasnt in the outlet and its a bag I really loved...Congrats:tup:

  11. no, it was last years. the one with the two stripes down the middle
    and then the diagonal c's down through. its the chocolate one. :nuts:
  12. :drool: I love that line:love:

  13. thanks. i can't wait to get it!
    it has been such a pain in the butt to get it though. :push:
    i've been looking for this bag for WEEKS. but i finally got her! :yahoo:
  14. Wow!!! You got a great deal!!! Congrats! I can't wait to see your pictures!
  15. the worst thing was the right after i won it,
    i tried to come to the forum and tell everyone.
    so, of course, the forum was down.
    i kindof whimpered, "omg, the forum is down!"
    and my boyfriend just kindof rolled his eyes. lol. :lol: