I finally got it!!!

  1. Well, sort of. I got a PCE card this time (my first), but I had a lot going on at work and with final exams and didn't make it to the Coach store before it expired. I went to the mall today and took it with me and thought I would try to see if they would honor it. Well, at first the manager apologized and said that she couldn't accept it so I started to leave the store. I was almost out the door when she stopped me and told me that I COULD use it :nuts: I was so happy so I told her I wanted the Chocolate leather Carly. I've been wanting this for so long!

    Now, the bad news. The SA took the info from the bag on the floor and wrote up a ticket for me to take to the register. I paid for it and they brought the bag out of the back all wrapped up in a box with a bow. I brought it home all anxious to see it and I unwrapped it and...it was the wrong bag:sad: It was the Chocolate SIG Carly, not the leather. It's a gorgeous bag too, but I'm partial to leather. The sales associate wrote the numbers off of the leather bag on the ticket - I watched her. They got it mixed up in the back. So, the mall is closed now so I will have to go back tomorrow and exchange it. But, I did get it at the PCE price!!
  2. yay! :yahoo: So glad you got your dream bag and at a great price... that must have been such a bummer when you opened it up... sorry to hear that. :tdown: Hopefully you don't live far and make sure and post pics when you get the right bag!!! :yes:
  3. ouch....sorry it turned out to be the wrong bag. But at least you got it at the right price. At least it will give you another reason to hang out at the Coach store tomorrow. ;)
  4. The Coach boutique is only about 5 minutes from my work, so I am going to go on my lunch break tomorrow. Let's just hope I can get out of there without doing anymore damage to my bank account!
  5. When I read this post, I ran in the other room to check a present to myself I picked out that is from my husband that I never checked from last Saturday's shopping excursion ! I didn't want to undo the package at the time but I just had to check to make sure it was the same scarf I ordered and it was but easily could not have been ! Wow, did you try it on and "play with it" anyway ? I would. I think they should always show you your item before they wrap it up , now that I read this post and other posts about damaged bags and stuff that people don't see because it is all wrapped up, I am more surprised that they don't show people and then wrap it up, what a strange system they have.
  6. That happened to me when I bought a SIG business tote and they sent me home with a leather one.

    I wasn't as lucky since the store was 55 minutes from me!

    I actually like the Choc SIG more, but I would call them first thing in the morning to make sure they have a leather one to put on hold for you.
  7. Congrats on your new Carly!!! You are gonna love her!!
  8. This is the first time that they did that. Maybe because of Christmas and the fact that they were extremely busy.
  9. it would take way too much time if they had to show every single person the items before they wrap them!

    in my store they wrap in the stockroom because its sooooo busy! mistakes do happen every once in a while
  10. I insisted on taking mine out of the box and checking it before I left the store! My store is 1-1/2 hours from me, so finding the wrong bag or a damaged bag when I got home would be unacceptable. I just couldn't trust that they placed the correct bag, still wrapped in its plastic (per my request) in that box without seeing it.

    I am glad you are close enough to the store that your exchange won't be a hassle, though. Did you pay for the leather bag?
  11. Yea, I did pay for the leather bag. The receipt even has LTHR Carly on it and it was orignally $398. I just got back from the store and exchanged it for the one I asked for. This time I saw it before they put it in the bag! It's beautiful! I can't wait to use it! This is a Christmas present to myself since I am single right now and don't have anyone to buy for, I bought something for myself!
  12. Glad you got the bag, but so sorry to hear they delivered the wrong one! At least it all worked out in the end. Congrats!
  13. Glad you finally got the right bag. Congrats!
  14. I am so happy for you! It is a special time when you finally get the bag you have dreamed about! It's also great that you got it on PCE. Congrats and carry her proudly!
    Carly is a great bag and I never tire of seeing them.