I finally GOT IT!!!!


Feb 25, 2007
Well,I have been thinking about getting it for a long-long time now and finally made up my mind at last ,after so many pics the lovely ladies of TPF posted about it!
In fact,I have been really drooling over each pic of the Coco Cabas but what kept me back was the fact that there are so many fakes around!!!:yes:
So when I first saw the new large baby being identical in design with the original one -except the chains-in September, I thought of getting it right then but unfortunately it was reserved for another customer.The C/b MA reassured me that she was expecting about a couple more in October and I could get it then!:yahoo:
Well about ten days ago she called me that they had arrived but I had almost changed my mind cause I also liked a similar bag which was more expensive lol!
I have to admit that she insisted I would get the Cabas instead of the other bag and she kindly offered to keep it for about a week for me to decide, saying that the Cabas has already become a "Classic" Chanel bag and I should no way miss getting it!;)
So I went by the b yesterday to get it at last, and as soon as the SA brought it in ,almost all customers in the b came over to look at it and were asking about it while the SA was telling them that it probably is one of the last in Europe !!:graucho:
I left the b with the proud feeling of having just got a really sought after bag,a feeling that not even DH's negative comments diminish hehe!....he really hates this bag!lol!:P

Here are some pics of the bag and mod pics I took today -I had to have the lights on
as it's been snowing all day and it was really dark even at noon!:girlsigh: