I Finally Got It!!!!!

  1. I don't know if any of you remember me obsessing about this bag, (as well as the leather embossed FF Chef) but I've been searching for nearly a year and finally found one on eBay!

    I'm so excited - my first Fendi that's not a spy!

    I'd like to introduce you to my little "Magic" friend. :love:


    Does anyone know it's official name? The Fendi fabric is quilted and I know it was a LE bag but that's about it.

    That's all, just thought I'd share my elation. :smile:
  2. so cute! no idea about the name
  3. Really great bag - congrats!
  4. from the magic line?

  5. Great bag. Congrats.
  6. so cute! congrats! I like the fabric on it...I've never seen it before
  7. Congrats!!!! what a cute bag....:graucho:
  8. Congrats on such a cuuuuuuuute bag :biggrin:!
  9. It really is a cute bag! I'm glad you found what you've been looking for!
  10. Thanks everyone for your kind words! :smile:

    I'm keeping hope alive that I can find the name somehow.
  11. aww thats real cute! i'm glad you found one. what did the description on the listing say? maybe you can take it to a fendi boutique and ask them..
  12. Does it have an auth card?
  13. Nope, everything but (I was even sent the Fendi bag - like your cat's)!

    I have the yellow card, but that just talks about the pummelled leather used on the bag (ETNIKO).

    The auction said Limited Edition Fendi Magic Bag. He was selling it for his mother and admitted knowing nothing about the bag.
  14. That's a beautiful bag, congrats. Isn't always great to find a LE bag on eBay after searching so long. It looks perfect too.
  15. I love seeing LE bags from Fendi! It's a beautiful bag, Star! :heart: