i finally got it!!!!!!!!!! east-west in..............

  1. VIOLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    i know several members noticed that i kept popping into billbill's thread and admiring the violet classic flaps that have been posted so finally after what seems like years of yearning for it, IT'S MINE'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:

    i never knew the handles were adjustable! there's a little clip inside that attaches onto any part of the handles, very nifty! man, i love this purse sooo much :love:
    IMG_6420.JPG IMG_6421.JPG IMG_6422.JPG IMG_6423.JPG
  2. UGH!! that is the one I want my DH to get me for xmas but I'm soooo scared it will be totally sold out by then!! *sigh* you're so lucky....congrats!
  3. thank you madamefifi!!

    push the idea at your DH more, you must get this!! the color is even prettier IRL. surprise him ;) :graucho:
  4. mello_yello_jen all i can say/do is: :drool:

    thanks for sharing pics!!! :nuts:
  5. and pictures of it being worn :love:
    IMG_6431.JPG IMG_6432.JPG IMG_6436.JPG IMG_6438.JPG

  6. That looks gorgeous on you! Congrats! now I must have one too!
  7. ^ thank you joia! you must get one!!!

    and your avatar, OMG, HOW PRECIOUS!!!!! What a beautiful child!!!!!!!
  8. mello jen u look so sexy in the 2nd outfit :smile: The bag looks gorgeous on you by the way in both pictures. I have been loving that colour too.
  9. that's gorgeous mello_yello_jen, i love the colour. East-west bag is my next purchase....beautiful. Looks great on you.
  10. OMG

    love it love it love it...
    totally hot
    congrats jen....
  11. Thank you :love:

    Did you buy it for US1050? quite a good price isnt it? :drool:
  12. mello_yello_jen, your new baby's color is so HOT and GORGEOUS :nuts:

    For sure, it's really really awesome on you :yahoo:
  13. You look really great with the bag Jen and the leather looks so yummy :yes:
  14. Wow, what a beautiful bag. That color is so yummy.

    It looks great on you too.

    Enjoy and congrats!!!
  15. Congrats! It's beautiful, and looks great on you!