I finally got a weekender!! Introducing my mega soft 05 black >>>

  1. I have been thinking about the weekender for a very long time now. Not for travelling, but for using normally. The size scared me when I tried on a brand new one at Balny, thinking "holy :censor: - This looks like a friggin flat screen TV under my armpit!" It looked ridiculous.

    But pics of older ones didn't seem to look as bad. They looked like an oversized vintage leather bag so I went for it and waited for one and POUNCED. All I can say is: Oh.... my... God....


    The back:


    This is the best leather bag I have come across. I was so happy when I pulled it out of its package I almost :crybaby: with happiness...And that's a first!
  2. Gorgeous jet black:

  3. omg.. this is soooooo pretty!!!! congratz!!!
  4. Wow, looks like lots of leather to love! Can you show us a modeling pics please? The leather looks so huggable.
  5. That leather looks amazing!!
  6. A quick shot taken this morning of it on me. Just the size I wanted :girlsigh:

  7. ^^ The tassles have split but getting extras from Balny is not a problem :smile:
  8. wow!! the leather on the bag is TDF!! congrats on such a great find!!
  9. The leather is just perfect. Congrats!!!!
  10. :nuts: You're right, it's a perfect size once it's worn in! Looks fab on you...
  11. I LOVE IT!!!!! black 05 leather is my absolute fav - congrats!!!! major swoonage :love:
    OT- i also love your sweater - is it ya ya?
  12. Its actually a wool dress. I usually wear it with knit tights and platform heels or ankle boots. This is the first time I wore it like a top with skinny jeans instead.

    Its H&M from last year!
  13. :wtf: You've GOT to be kidding me. I am rendered absolutely speechless by the perfection of this leather!!! :wtf:
  14. so gorgeous, congrats! I have to get myself a weekender.
  15. Love it! ;) Congrats!