I finally got a Speedy 30 but it STINKS

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  1. Two days ago I received a speedy 30 from a my poupette reseller from Hong Kong. I got a great price and had no idea (until now after looking at old posts) that there are issues with smelly bags. UGGHHH!!!!

    I must say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the speedy. I can't believe how light this bag is and it looks so simple and classy. I called the 866 LV number and they said to use dryer sheets...hasn't worked yet. I tried Febreeze (which I was a bit nervous about) and that didn't work.

    I know there have been posts in the past but I was just wondering if anyone has found any new ideas? I know many have said air out in hot weather but it's very cold now.

    Also, if I put my things into the bag to use it will they get the smell too?:wtf:
  2. Just out of curiosity, what's the smell?

    Is it mothballs?
  3. I don't really know what mothballs smell like but I'm assuming it is because I found so many posts with Hong Kong bags smelling that way. It's not musty or cigarettes...it smells like a chemical I guess>
  4. If it's mothballs, it will take a VERY long time for it to air out; especially if its already settled into the leather.

    The best thing you can do is zip open the bag in a well ventilated area thats not in direct sunlight, and wait.

    In a sense though, (if it is mothballs) it's good as it protects from bugs eating away at the leather but they don't usually go through leather like they do to wool...So it was totally unnecessary if you were provided with a dustbag, but wait patiently and the smell will eventually go away. :smile:
  5. ^^^thanks for the info. When you say a VERY long time are you thinking months, year (YIKES!!). Also, do you think my accessories would smell to if I start using it?
  6. I don't know what the smell could be from but if it smells, air it out as much as you can before you put other leather goods in it.. it might take on the odor as well
  7. Yes, your accessories will smell. :sad:
    Actually, they would stink.

    I'd say a month or two.
    Honestly, I wouldn't take her out until the smell is cleared...

    This though depends on what the smell REALLY is. If it's anything other than the smell of mothballs, I wouldn't know. Sorry!
  8. What I've also tried is crumpled up newspaper. Just change the newspaper every couple of days. It usually works well at getting the smell out of things.
  9. I got a bag on eBay once and it smelled old too... although, it looked completely brand new. :shrugs: Anyway, I bought some baking soda (there's a kind where you just peel the cardboard sides off and the actual soda is not exposed but is protected by thin fabric). I aired the bag open for two days by the window, then put the box of baking soda in the bag, closed it, tied it in the dustbag, and stored it in the closet for a week. I know its hard to give up your brand new bag for that long, but make sure to not open it all the time and just let the baking soda absorb the smell for at least one week. After doing all that, about 75% of the smell was gone! :tup:
  10. Baking soda is a good idea. Or try DampRid (http://www.damprid.com/) available at Walmart. Place DampRid and your speedy open in the same closet.
  11. I don't buy from HK reseller for this very reason, It is near impossible to remove the smell, the dampness/mildew/mould/mothball smell is unbearable, I've had this happen a couple of times and never kept the bag. The best method was spraying/saturating glen 20 on the inner lining and letting it air out to dry, then repeat, but I still sold the bag, I can't stand that I would carry it around and shop and be able to smell it ugh...
  12. Did the seller disclose the mothball smell? I personally would see if the bag could be returned for a refund. Who wants to wait months before they can use a bag. Sellers who are putting bags on Ebay with a moth ball odor should elimintate the odor before selling it, BUT they should at the very least clearly disclose any odor(s) in their auction description!
    Good Luck
  13. Newspapers are good but try also putting some charcoal inside the bag..works all the time. Becareful to wrap them in tissue paper to avoid black stain. Good luck!
  14. the seller had a disclaimer on the bottom that she doesn't want to hear questions about returns for smells....I guess that was a sign that she has this problem frequently...this disclaimer is on all of her listings and I specifically saw that other listing said the bag had a strong odor. Because my listing didn't list any odor I thought I was safe....but I guess the disclaimer is in there to protect her just in case. I guess I can still state the smell in the feedback. I also did email her for some recommendations.
  15. I would state the odor problem in the feedback because although she may have a disclaimer, she is still obliged to list if that specific item has any odors. I am so sorry this happened to you, hopefully after a couple weeks of airing out it will become less noticable. I myself have used baking soda boxes, the ones that you can open from both sides w/o worry of spilling (for the fridge and feezer, found in the grocery stores) and it worked pretty good. The thing I found great for odors belieive it or not is a non-alchohol baby wipe, placing it inside while the wipe is still fresh and damp. I have used a couple brands of baby wipes, but this one had such a clean baby powder smell to it and it worked like a charm. I did change the wipe a couple times and it seemed the wipe absorbed the odor really well.
    Good Luck