I finally got a patent bag - catwalk

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  1. I am brave :graucho:. I could not pass on this beauty. My dream was catwalk in gray nubuck, but I have besace in that pattern. So, I figured, I do not have any patent bags except for marni - but only part of it is patent. I love YSL patent and have many accessories, but this is my first all patent bag.

    patent catwalk (large)

    and as a counterbalance, I did take large Mulberry E/W Bayswater suede sludge colour (carry-on or large work bag) :blush:

  2. :nuts: Vesna you choose such lovely bags! Congrats and wear in best of health :biggrin:
  3. thanks Jen :biggrin:

    how is multicolor Mira?
  4. Congrats vesna! I always loved the catwalk. :yes:
  5. thanks Cosmo, I was choosing between squarish pattern smaller patent and this quilted one, and somehow this one won, I am still not sure, maybe smaller would be better (desicions, decisions !!!)

    In any case it was you who enabled my patent excursion, with your constant choices of patent and great evaluations ... thanks !
  6. well, my event on Saturday will depend on which one gets in the mail first, turquoise clutch or catwalk, that will decide on the outfit :lol:
  7. ^Bag should always decide the outfit, lol! ;) Hope they reach you soon.
  8. Congratulations vesna - all your bags I have seen are wonderful and this new YSL is no exception :ps:
  9. Well it was 'booked' (I have no idea what that means) and the listing has ended. I've emailed the seller asking if it's been sold. I held off too long I think :crybaby: But I do my usual email of 'if the sale falls through I'll happily buy it...'

    Has your turquoise clutch arrived yet? I'm dying to see it in all it's glory :biggrin:
  10. oooooh, I had the same with Mulberry bayswater gray (regular size) :sad:

    no, clutch is still in customs :thinking: hope to see it before Saturday (I have some event where I would really like to have it)
  11. thanks so much papertiger :hugs:
  12. I love the bags Vesna! Congrats :woohoo:
  13. thanks bextasy, I still do not have it, but am so curious to feel it, hope it is not too glossy, all YSL patent I have is textured and matted a bit..I guess I am not brave enough, I am more like a suede girl...but can not wait to change a bit
  14. Your bags are stunning!!!