I FINALLY got a Marc Jacobs Quilted Bowler - yea!!!!!

  1. Some of you may remember that I have been lusting after the small Quilted Bowler in regular leather for a REALLY long time. I had initially purchased it from eBay, only to find out that it was a really good fake:


    It was an enormously agonizing situation. When the issue finally got resolved and I was ready to buy it again, the bowlers were completely sold out. :sad:

    Then, earlier this year, someone posted that NM had one on sale and when I clicked on the link, again, the bowler was sold out. I bookmarked the page, refreshing it when I could (this bookmarking comes into play later...) hoping that someone would return it.

    By chance this past weekend, I went to Saks in Chevy Chase, MD to return some Marc shoes that I ordered which were too big. I strolled into the handbag section and there is was - the bowler! They actually had both the black and bronze bowler. I immediately grabbed the bag, and noticed that it was still regular price. I've spent so much money on bags in the last few months (let's see...I purchased two Balenciagas, a Gryson, and a LV Damier Speedy...eek!) that I couldn't justify buying it at regular price knowing that it had gone on sale. So, I put it back on the shelf and walked away.

    However, I couldn't stop thinking about it all day yesterday and this morning, I called and spoke with a SA about the bag. I told him about how it went on sale and I missed out on it. He told me he would check with their buyer about it and get back to me, and asked me to send him the link for the bag on NM's website.

    He called me back and said that they never got word to place the bag on sale, but that he would honor the price! So, I immediately purchased it over the phone, and I hope to pick it up tomorrow! :wlae:

    My grand total - $488 plus 5% tax, almost 50% off the $975 retail! While I know it's not the best MJ deal ever, it's definitely the best MJ deal I've had EVER. :yahoo:
  2. I'm so happy for you that you got the bag you wanted and at that price! I've certainly never gotten that good a steal on a MJ bag!
  3. I'm glad you resolved the issue and am excited for you for your new Marc Jacobs bowler! It's truely a beautiful bag!!! $488 is a pretty good deal, I'll snatch it right away if I see it!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  4. Congrats on your new bag! it is a pretty good deal too! show us photos after you pick up the bag yeah! :flowers:
  5. That is awesome SuLi!! Soooo happy for you!:yahoo:
  6. SuLi, congrats on the bag! I can't believe you got that price!! Lucky you :yahoo:I was on hiatus from this blog for a while so I missed the whole fake bag thing you got from ebay. Sorry to hear that but glad to know you got your happy ending :roflmfao:. Enjoy the bag! Please put pictures you and the bag ;)
  7. :nuts: I'm still doing it!
    Unbelievable...:yes: If you'll see another one let me know, please, please, very please:yes:
    Congratulation! Take a good care of her!:yes:
  8. Aww, very happy for you
  9. Wow! What an amazing deal! Congrats!!
  10. Wow congratulations.
  11. I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for you! I would actually try calling Saks. They had the bronze bowler left (and when I went to the Saks in NYC two weekends ago, they also had the bronze) and I'm wondering if they are just popping up randomly. Since you've bookmarked the page, maybe a really nice SA will help you!

    Good luck!

    BTW - I'm going to pick up the bowler around 10am today (ducking out of the office) and will post pictures later tonight! Can't wait!
  12. Congrats!
  13. Great news!!! I love a happy ending! Congrats!
  14. :yahoo: FINALLY!!!:yahoo:

    So happy for you.....See..it was meant to be...Congrats!!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  15. that's amazing!!! Congrats SuLi!!! it's great that hey honored the price!!
    I'd say it's a deal! it's totally new and you dont have to worry about authenticity!!

    Go girl! :yahoo:Now post some modeling pics!