I finally got a freebie!

  1. I've been disappointed in the past because I've never gotten any little goodies from the LV store. One time I asked for a catalog and was told they'd have to charge me $10. I declined on principle, even though it is a pretty hefty book - I think they charge enough for their bags to cover the cost.

    BUT...when I was in the shop getting my Tulum, I asked about getting an extra Speedy lock - the Cerises Speedy I got from thehuangfamily came with a lock, but it was all scratched up. The nice SA smiled and said that they are normally $20, but she would give it to me free. (I'm so glad I didn't spend $50 for one on eBay!) I also asked about getting a catalog, and she added it to my pretty brown bag, also free. Do you think it depends on the SA...or how much you buy...or both? It was a small thing, compared with what I was spending on the Tulum, but it did make me feel special. :angel:
  2. SO HAPPY for you!!! I think it depends on SA.:yes:
  3. I still haven't gotten my catalogue..! :sad: Everytime I asked, they said they don't have it. Do you have to be a VIP or something to get a catalogue?! :rant: The last time I gotten mine, which was years ago, I don't even have to purchase anything and the SA had offered to give it to me, free! I wish we have more of those generous SA... :sad:
  4. good for you!!! i would love to get a free lock too. most of the time, it depends on the SA around, i think. so far i am lucky to have gotten friendly SAs.
  5. I think it depends on both, the SA and if you purchaseed something. By the way congrats on your Tulum! Is it a PM or GM?
  6. Thanks! I got the GM and I love :heart: it. Here's my thread about it: The Tulum Story
  7. It depends on the SA. Congrats though!
  8. Congratulations for your Tulum :yahoo:
    And for you as well that didnt pay $50 on eBay :graucho:
    Anyway, I agree that it depends on SA :yes:
  9. you're super lucky
  10. Must be the SA. I bought several bags on separate occasions from the same SA and she offered it up without me asking. Next time I'll ask for a lock though!:yes:
  11. Looks like you got lucky this time. You should keep going back to that SA. It may work out into more gifts in the future!
  12. That's awesome!! I really think it depends on the SA too, I'm sure it helps if you use the same SA all the time as well.
  13. It depends on the SA!
  14. I bought a Mini Looping in Cincinnati yesterday and I asked if LV had a catalogue and the SA said, "Yes, but we don't have enough here to give you one." She gave me a number to call to get one. I'll try and let you know what they charge me.
  15. They charged me $10.00. Oh well, it's still easier than constantly going to eluxury. I love to sit and look through a catalogue.
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