I finally got a ciao (and massive bag day...)

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  1. I ordered through lesportsac with the coupon and was anxious about the placement (i really want the penguin family but also liked the snowboarding adios and wolf) and look!!!:


    Sooo...I was already feeling guilty that I bought a $425 LAMB bag (after returning a bag of almost the same value---I was trying to even out my expenses)
    but all the other bags (I had almost forgotten I ordered) came today:

    Paul Frank Sammie Duffel Bag (its a large bag...and fun looking too..I can use it for overnight trips)

    Belkin Sling Laptop Bag (picture sucks..but its a large sling backpack that can hold a 15in. laptop....it looks better IRL)

    New LAMB bag
    ugh...so now I'm trying to distract myself with drawing, reading and guitar hero so I can save up for xmas presents :cursing:
  2. i love that paul frank bag! it's too cute.
  3. I love your LAMB bag! It's so pretty! Great print placement on your Ciao as well!
  4. love the lamb bag!
  5. that sammie duffel bag is too cute, how unique.
  6. cute paul frank bag, and nice placement on your ciao!
  7. thanks! now I just have to use 'em all ^_^
  8. OHMYGOD the placement on your ciao is awesome. I was ina financial slump when the lespotsac code was aroud and did not order a caio. I desperately wish I had now.

    Oh and LOVE LOVE LOVE your Paul Frank bag. I want one. can I ask what store you bought it from? I don't think i have ever seem that kind of bag around here. We jsut have stuff with Julius on it.

  9. omg that paul frank duffel is sooooo cute!! where'd you get it? i want one too!! xDD you're making me even more broke! haha
  10. yes, please tell us where we can get that paul frank bag! that lil scottie dog is sooo freaking cute
  11. Love your Ciao.. Congrats!!
  12. O:huh:o:huh:!! Love the Paul Frank doggie bag!:girlsigh:
  13. love em all! congrats!!! =)
  14. congrats on the ciao! and love that adorable paul frank bag!
  15. Your ciao is pretty awesome!!