I finally got a B Mix tote and it's burnt!

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  1. Here it is - my b mix tote in burnt patent! I was up early a couple of Friday's ago when eluxury had their system glitch and I was able to get if for about 65% off of the original price! :yahoo: I must say eluxury was great. They honored the price and shipped it the day I bought it. So, let me know what you think.

    Thanks. :cutesy:

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  2. Beautiful B Mix :tup:...what's this about a Glitch :confused1: You are super lucky to snag that one at a great price....Congrats! :yahoo:
  3. Thanks for the congrats, baglady.1!
    A couple of Friday's ago, eluxury was having a weekend sale on sale items with an additional 30% off of the sale price. A kind TPF'r posted in the deals & steals section that when you added the item to your cart, they were an additional 50% off, instead of the 30% off. Around mid-morning, eluxury fixed it and the sale items went back to the additional 30% off. That's why I called it a "glitch"
  4. Wow! That's pretty lucky! Congrats on your new Bag!
  5. It's beautiful - enjoy it! It's so much fun getting a new bag!
  6. O wow, lucky you. What a great bag for a great price. I know you are gonna enjoy it a lot! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  7. Wow, what amazing luck!!! Why is it that that never happens to me??!!! Great choice of bag, wear it with the sheer delight of knowing you got a great bag at an even greater deal!!
  8. Congrats on a beautiful bag! Sometimes glitches work in your favour, lucky you!!
  9. Thanks, everyone!! :flowers:
  10. Your title had me panic for a moment, lol.
  11. What a great deal that you got! I had this bag in blue, and you can hold everything in it. Enjoy your new bag!
  12. Wow when I read your thread title I immediately thought that your new baby had been damaged by fire! :lol: