I finally found what I was looking for!! **pics**

  1. OH-KAY!!! Now- lemme just say that I have a very FLUID collection- and there have been few bags to withstand my needs and style- sounds like a lame excuse :shrugs:- but if I had an LV store nearby a lot of what I purchased in the past would never had happened! :sweatdrop:

    I don't know why I never just bought this bag in the first place- I am a shoulder toter (realized this after a couple of Speedies)!

    Anywhoo- here is my "new to me" Batignolles Vertical!! Now- where is the Damier version?

    Attached are pics of the bag with a loverly bag charm and a pic of the Arctic Ocean- I'm in Barrow for the summer and yeah........no summer here yet! There is SNOW everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. congratulations! it looks gorgeous!!
  3. Congrats! Now don't tell me you got rid of your Azur Speedy...
  4. congrats!! :yahoo:

    out of curiosity: do you ever get summer? how many degrees are then? i always thought in alaska is winter & snow the whole year, lol.
  5. congrats!!!
  6. haha~ yea we get somewhat of a summer here in Barrow- mostly just hovering around 45 degrees or so!
    Here is a pic of 4th of July last summer!


    Pics taken at the 4th of July games here in Barrow- lots of traditional type of games- this one is a foot race for kids!
  7. it still looks like its freezing
  8. Congrats on the BV. I love the pic of the Arctic Ocean and the snow.
  9. Congrats!
  10. BRRRRR


    I was in Juneau a couple weeks ago, my first time in Alaska, and it was absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to get back there again!
  11. can't wait till i have a chance to go to alaska! i love your BV!
  12. Brrrrrrrr, nice bag and the charm is hot!
  13. very lovely! that is some nutty weather!
  14. Oh sweetie - I always whine about the Canadian spring but I see that I should not...:smile:
    Enjoy your Battignolles - she's gorgeous and :roflmfao: about the ''shoulder toter'' part - I'm in the same boat...

    Enjoy your new tote and wear it in good health !
  15. Great bag! Thanks for sharing the bag and your beautiful scenery.