I finally found the right bag for this fob!

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  1. #1 Sep 20, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2012
    Late last March I picked up the purple and gold Snaphead fob 92334 at the outlet for $19 (MSRP $48). I was attracted to it because gold hardware fobs are uncommon and I thought that the purple glass bead with the gold was really pretty and would probably look great with a lot of my bags.

    Over the Spring and Summer I tried to use this fob with several bags but I was always disappointed because it just never seemed to be a good marriage.

    But now that the seasons have changed again I've finally come to recognize that this fob is just better suited to many of my Fall and Winter bags (which must be the reason that it was an FP delete in the Spring, duh!)

    Last night I got out my XL Mahogany Pleated Ergo Hobo 12236 and I was trying to decide how to decorate her when I suddenly remembered my unused Snaphead fob. As soon as I put it on this bag I knew that it was a perfect match.

    I love the pure, classic lines of the Ergo and the fob adds just the right amount of bling! When I saw them together I was suddenly inspired to drag out my Raisin Kristin Checkbook Wallet 43670 to make a gorgeous threesome!

    Don't you just love it when the fashion stars align?!

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  2. I've always loved the Ergo bags. My favorite and first Coach was a Ergo tote. That looks great!!
  3. Thanks, my XL Pleaterd Ergo Hobo remains my all-time favorite Coach bag. It's just so simple, beautiful, and comfortable to carry! Coach really got it right with the Ergo line!
  4. It's just Perfect! You have great taste..
  5. Thank you! And right back at you! :biggrin:
  6. Looks great! I've always been an Ergo fan!
  7. Thanks! I carried her today and I had forgotten just how comfortable and well-balanced she is on my shoulder!
  8. That looks great on your bag, I have the same fob, and just got the Mahogany Hailey never thought about putting that fob on it. But guess I will pull it out. Thanks.
  9. Wow, that brass with the purple looks so luxe against the beautiful leather of your Ergo bag! What a lovely match! And the raisin wallet is so perfect against that lining!
  10. That fob is just perfect on your gorgeous ergo!
  11. Looks terrific!
  12. I bet it will look great, be sure and show us the pics!

    Awhile back Eviekins was asking for fob ideas for her Acorn Hailey and I suggested the puple snaphead fob. Funny, but I never thought about my mahogany Ergo at the time!

  13. I know, they all look great together; even my gold/gold sig Coach Estee Lauder cosmetic bag fits in well with the group!

    The wallet is actually more purple IRL but it looks sort of berry color in the pics, but it's all good!
  14. I always wanted this fob! Lucky you!
  15. Thanks, I'm all set for Autumn!