I finally found the perfect black leather tote!

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  1. I have searched high and low for a black leather tote. I wanted something that could be carried (and look good) over the shoulder, on my arm, or in hand and that wasn't too heavy. I wanted it to zip shut (all the way so stuff inside doesn't get wet when it rains) and if possible I wanted the bag to have feet on the bottom so it doesn't get scratched. Everything I have found weighed a ton or wouldn't fit my full size agenda. I found one bag I liked but it had gaps on the side and I got stuck in a snow storm and my stuff inside got wet!

    Then I found the Black Epi MADELEINE GM! Its perfect! Fits all the criteria above AND it has a pocket on the back where I can put my id and plane tickets when I travel. Its the perfect everyday business or pleasure bag. Between this and my speedy I am covered. I almost forgot...I love epi leather.

    I have a gift card for Saks and am going to buy a cles to hang from it. I will post pics then.
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. cute! you should get the White vernis cles.
  3. Pics please! Congrats! :nuts: :tup:
  4. I was just thinking about a Black Bag... Can't find one to save my soul!
  5. Do you buy it today? I know how it feels to look for the perfect shoulder bag- can`t wait to see your pics, please post loads like modeling pics, pics with stuff inside, what fits inside....:yes:
  6. have fun shopping for your madeleine!!! personally i love the red pm, but the black GM is just as gorgeous!
  7. Thats great! I cant wait to see pics :biggrin:
  8. That's wonderful. I'm glad you found th eperfect bag. I love epi too!
  9. I saw this bag and I think it's the perfect tote too! Even holds a laptop!
  10. Congrats!!!! Sounds great!
  11. Can't wait to see your pics. I have been wondering about the Madeleine. Please be sure to post some modeling pics as well. Congratulations...I love Epi too!
  12. Can't wait to see the pics!! I love EPI, and the Madeleines are great purses!
  13. I've been admiring the madeleine GM, it's so business and lady-like at the same time, good choice :tup:
  14. I'm so glad that you found the perfect bag for you! The Madeleine is super cute! Congrats!!
  15. I love the Black Epi MADELEINE. I want that to be my next bag.