I Finally Found One!!!

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  1. Hello ladies, im veryyyyyyyyyy excited!!! I am finally getting my first Goyard! even though i did not want to get it because i am saving for my first car, this is too good of a deal to not take! Me being a 16 year old boy and all, but i finally am going to get a Green Goyard St. Louis GM with 2 white and 1 green stripe in the center! I am so excited, now just waiting to confirm the sale! :yahoo:
  2. YAY!!!! That is very exciting and awesome. You will be so in love with it when you get it. :tender: It is an amazing bag. I am not sure where you are buying it but if you are buying it on Ebay please make sure you have the experts authenticate it on here first. Just some words of wisdom! Can't wait for you to do your reveal!
  3. WOW how extremely exciting, mtheriault6! Boys rock the Goyards so wonderfully (I trust you've seen photos of Simon Doonan and his marv collection?). I can't wait to see the reveal and mod pics- and I hope you can still get your car :tender:

    I agree with pinklipgloss33, though; make sure it is authentic if it is from a reseller.

    Again, congrats in advance!
  4. so excited for you...can't wait to see pics!!!:yahoo:
  5. im positive it is authentic if it has stripes?
  6. ^ especially since i picked out the stripes?
  7. ^^ well thats good to know!!!!!:biggrin::biggrin:
  8. if it has stripes that means its real right? like even though i told her the combo i want on them,
  9. Fakes come with fakes too. Please post the link where you found your bag and any info you have on the seller for authentication.

    ie: see this link, where a seller recently listed a fake Green Goyard that had stripes. The same seller also listed a white Goyard with stripes. Both are fake and the seller is a well known Scam artist that uses Goyard bag to steal your money (she uses LV too).
  10. I have seen street vendors selling fakes that have stripes. Honestly anyone with a ruler and some paint could put stripes on a bag. Get it checked out before you pay.
  11. Yes, be very very careful! I'd suggest ordering straight from Goyard if possible...its possible to do so by emailing goyard for a transaction =)
  12. Can't wait to see it if you get it!
  13. COngrats!!!!!! Sounds GREAT!!!!!!!!!
  14. As requested, here are the pictures the seller sent me for the bag i am going to purchase.



  15. This is fake and the person is the "Goyard Scammer". Please read the related threads on this person.

    The receipt is stolen from a photos posted on tPF or from another eBay listing.

    The seller adds her email and phone number to listings, propositions for transaction to be done off eBay, requests money order or western union, then sends no bag at all or a fake bag.