I finally found my perfect white bag!

  1. I was in Nordstroms today minding my own business when lo and behold, peering down at me from a high shelf was the white Furla I've been looking for! It is a smaller size than the HUGE one and is all white (not embossed with that dark greyish-blue mock croc I almost got some time ago). I am so happy. I had to also change my ADASA order for the off-white moni moni to caramel. Things are looking up!

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    sorry this ones so fuzzy. it's hard taking photos without a flash!
  2. That is so sharp! And it looks great on you! Congrats, and enjoy!
  3. It's beautiful, so summery :biggrin: Congrats!
  4. Congrats!!! It's absolutely adorable!! It looks great on you!!!
  5. I noticed the Furlas in Vogue magazine, they are pretty sharp. Now we have a Furla store in the King of Prussia Mall
  6. Ooooooh~~~ that's a NICE bag!!!
  7. Looks like a nice roomy bag:smile: Love the style, it looks great on you!
  8. Awesome bag! Glad to see it on someone. Its soooo hard to tell the size of a bag online when its not picture with someone wearing it.

    Mind if I ask what the retail is on it?
  9. Nice!

    It'll be perfect for the summer!
  10. Great-looking bag! It looks fabulous on you!
  11. It looks great on you! Congrats.
  12. Agree. It looks great on you and so nice for spring and summer. Hope you enjoy it.
  13. $450
    $487 after tax

    There is a much bigger version that I saw on someone walking down the street and it was waaaay too big for me. Looked like a pillow case!
  14. ^^ I own the large Farrah... I don't find it to be too big.. but then again, I love bags with lots of room in them.. I'd rather have extra room to put stuff in, than have to carry my crap around in my hands.

    I like the white! Congrats on the new bag!
  15. LOL! I'm sorry about the pillow case remark! I'm just not very tall and while I love the large bag, it just looked too big on me. Also, I like to travel as light as possible. Please forgive me. I forget others had the large one! I'm a dork.