i FINALLY found MY perfect Alluminio Miu Miu Bow Satchel*

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  1. is there a dark brown colour? what's it called? i'm debating b/w that or the sugero...don't know if i can even get my hands on one in the UK though...:s
  2. i luv this bag but it very common in singapore. there are really look alike knock off at charles and keith, 1 of the local shoes boutique. it so sad when u get to c the knock off so easily available.. :sad:
  3. if you don't mind me asking how much is retail price excluding tax? i like the size you have right now but i'm not sure what it is. I saw one that is 1195 and one that is 1155. Which one did you get?
  4. OO one more, it's the same size as the vannessa hudgens' one?
  5. I remember when I first experienced RAIN with my bow, it scared me because I thought the marks wouldn't fade away. But it's better if the bow stays AWAY from water :tup: I don't think anyone can do anything about this BUT Miu Miu & Prada themselves. They really need to fix the plastic sealing, it's so weak!

    It's absoutely dissapointing for such an expensive handbag to have these problems. SADLY, I just love this handbag so much that I am willing to baby it for as long as I can and live with the cracks :Push:

    & I am so glad someone is enjoying my pictures DAILY! Haha. more to come!!!

    Hehe. Thanks blivlien!

    Yes. There is a dark brown color called SUGHERO. That or the SUEDGE bow that is out of stock and I doubt there will be any more coming out. OR, you may be talking about the FUMO? I'm not exactly sure, but the only brown I've seen is SUGHERO. Try SAKS or Miu Miu stores, IF YOU HAVE THEM IN THE UK! Goodluck :flowers:

    I hear many tPFers here are from Singapore. Lucky for me, I live in LA and I haven't seen the bow ANYWHERE. (Besides Vanessa Hudgens that is, hehe). Oh my, there are ALOT of replicas of the bow in ASIA. So sad :crybaby::cursing:

    I bought the bow for a total of $1,180. SAKS sells it for $1,155. My total was combined with TAX and OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. I have the medium bow which is the $1,115 one. I think the $1,195 may be the LARGER bow. And yes, I believe this is the same size Vanessa Hudgens carries.
  6. I toke her out today!!!! Which means I have pictures, BUT I didn't get to take any pictures of MYSELF with her. My two bestfriends never take pictures of me, I'm usually the camera person sadly. My outfit was really cute too. Oh well, some other time when the boyfriend is around. He's the only person who enjoys snapping pictures of me and my bow :lol:

    Okay, but here are some pictures I toke in my bedroom. Enjoy!
    I wonder if this thread ever gets BORING. With my pictures and all...





  7. And here are a few more, the last two are included with what I carry in my bow!








  8. ArrggH, your pics are awesome!! Your bag looks so big in those pics! Gorgeous!

    annaversary, when you have some spare time, could you please provide measurements? I mean, they may be lurking somewhere on here but I haven't come across it.

    BTW, I thought I was gonna have the Bow satchel in my hot little hands by the end of this weekend but to my disappointment, the store who carries Miu Miu bags did not have any Bow bags :crybaby:So sad....

    In the meantime, I'll just have to keep dreaming of owning one one day...maybe by looking at your pics, one will come my way hehe! :girlsigh:
  9. A Miu Miu SA told me that the Bow bag is a classic and will be produced every spring but in different colours. Is that right?:tup:
  10. You Lucky girl! I wish I had atleast one!
    Congrats and have fun with it:smile:
  11. WOW 1180?? for me including tax but excluding s/h will be 1253! if i call in at ur place will i get it for 1180 also??
  12. I've seen the knock-offs in Singapore and they are a joke. First, some of them don't even have bows!

    I wouldn't worry about the bow being too common because of knockoffs.

    I carried the bow when I was visiting and I saw women with knockoffs checking out my purse. They weren't even that discreet. Since Singapore was so crowded, I had the opportunity to check out the fakes on the public trains. I cannot tell you how embarrased some of these ladies were when they realized that mine was the real deal while theirs were fakes.

    There are so many fake and real designer bags in Singapore that I don't know if people really care. :smile: Heck, I even saw a bad fake of a LAMB purse!

    LOL! :tup:
  13. Annaversary - so happy you got your perfect bow! I want the black, and although I've heard the black ones aren't as delicate as the lighter colors, I'm still wary on dropping 1250 (including tax) on a bag that will scratch and tear easily :sad: I'm glad you love yours enough despite its possible flaws. Unconditional love!
  14. This thread is so cute! haha, you are like new parents who take daily pictures of their new-born baby!
    I have a question if you don't mind. On the bag's inside pocket... is there a tag that says where it's made in?
  15. I'm glad that you enjoy my pictures so much. Haha. I just take daily pictures of them for fun because I love it THAT MUCH. But I'm so glad someone enjoys them either than myself.

    The measurements of the Miu Miu bow are:
    14.5"W X 10.5"H X 6"D

    I hope you get your hands on a bow soon! And I'll be sure to update you if I can help you in any way I can okay?! :smile:

    My SA also told me that it's a classic handbag but she's not sure about them getting MORE of them. They are random shipments. And I did hear they come in different colors... but I have never seen them. I've only seen the original colors such as: sughero, black, alluminio, mughetto, and etc. Not in light purple, or light blue.. like some tPFers wrote they saw... so I wouldn't say I am that sure about your question. Sorry!

    Hehe. Thanks! And WHY DON'T YOU GET ONE?!?! It's a lovely beauty!

    I'm not sure.. are you having it delivered? Because I live in CALIFORNIA and I ordered it from NEW YORK. I had it ordered and placed for OVERNIGHT DELIVERY which is probably why it costed me so much, but I was just too excited to wait for it. If you have a SAKS card it's FREE SHIPPING.

    I ACTUALLY saw a fake bow in my area!!!! It was a BLACK bow and it was really really really gross :lol: The leather looked as if it was PEELING & WRINKLY. It was nasty. Sadly, I didn't carry mine or it would of put her fake :tdown: DOWN! way down! This was @ Wal Mart by the way :supacool:

    I heard the black doesn't have these problems. The black seems to be made out of different material and it's stronger. So it doesn't experience the problems that the alluminio and mughetto bows have! I'm not sure if any BLACK bow owners have had problems with their black bows but the word around tPF is, that black bows are much more STEADIER.

    I am crazy to go through with a bag so expensive yet so easily damaged.. but I love my bow SO MUCH :love:

    Hehehe. :shame: I do love my bow very much and enjoy taking pictures of her EVERYTIME I take her out. I wonder when I'll stop.. :girlsigh:

    Yes, the inside does have a tag where it says where the bag is made of. Some bows are made in ITALY and like mine, some are made in TURKEY. But it's not INSIDE THE POCKET, it's a little tag sewn on the side of the interior.