i FINALLY found MY perfect Alluminio Miu Miu Bow Satchel*

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  1. Congratulations annaversary!! I am so glad that you finally found a perfect one. So do you mean there's no cracking at the openings at all (even after you started using it)? If so, you are really really lucky! :smile:

    I am keeping my new bow. I just have to be careful when using it and have to keep in mind i can't open the bag wide otherwise the cracking will become more serious.

    Congrats again and feel happy for you!
  2. Congrats and great pics, annaversary! I love the one of her sitting in glory in your back seat, lol! I just came from Saks and an alluminio will be coming to me soon; I'm so excited!
  3. i just got my alluminio bow satchel from saks ny today... just a warning. do not get it sent from the SA, michael. he had no idea what he was doing and i didnt even get the miu miu bag cover. the bag actually looks dirty too! it took a week longer to get because he sent it to the wrong address. i am debating whether or not to send it back. just a warning, girls!
  4. Oh, goodie. Cognac didn't sound familiar to me but thanks for verifying that marose28! That cognac coffer looks so real :wtf: I still have so much to learn!! :shame:

    Weee. Thanks lemontart! I am still excited that I finally got her. BUTTTTTTT, there is still crackings on the opening plastic sealing :sad: Unfortunetly that doesn't look like a problem Miu Miu is going to fix. And neither can we as bow owners because linpaddy toke her bow to a handbag fixing place and they told her it wasn't worth it to just fix that plastic sealing. So unfortunetly it's STILL a problem on the bows... *I'M POSTING PICS AFTER THIS RESPONSE POST* So you can check it out!

    I am keeping my bow as well :P I love this handbag TOO MUCH to give it up for just a few minor cracks SO FAR. But I really love it so I'm keeping it! And we DO must BABY it. I baby mine ALOT and make sure no other hands get on her and she's SAFE :sweatdrop: Hehe. Thanks for your congrats!!!

    Hehe. Thanks and that picture of her sitting in the back of my FRIEND'S backseat is my favorite of her too... so far :yes: I'm doing this thing where I take a picture of her EVERYTIME I take her out.. I wonder how long this is going to go on for... hahaa.

    DO POST PICS of YOUR alluminio bow when it arrives! I just can't get enough of it!

    OH MY! ask84, I KNOW WHO YOUR TALKING ABOUT! I actually spoke to Michael from SAKS NY while my SA was on vacation and he was completly clueless about helping me with my needs that day on the phone. And he was really rude too.... I wouldn't trust MALE SA(s), no offence. But I've had TERRIBLE experience with them. SAKS in Cosa Mesa has an SA named "ZEON" and he sent me a bow with a BUNCH of cracks on it. It was seriously like everywhere, all over the plastic sealing nad it had 5+ scratches on the leather handbag itself! Terrible!!!

    You should DEFINETLY return the bow and re-order another one! ASK FOR ALANA or GISELA from SAKS NY. They're both GREAT SA(s) that helped me find my perfect bow! I hope that helps! :tup:
  5. TODAY! April 16, 2008, I toke her out with me AGAIN! Boyfriend and I went out to eat afterschool because we had minimum day, so I toke her with me! I just had to even though it was such a short trip!


    Here she is sitting on my lap!


    A full body model picture!


    A half body shot!


    Sitting at my girlfriend's coach while we watched movies.


    This picture was taken with FLASH* Flash adds more of a light and shine to the alluminio bow. Because the color of the bag looks more darker in darker lighting.


    My girlfriend was SO RANDOM. She toke my bow and I quote "ANNA, I know the perfect spot for your handbag!". Ahahh. And it was her dining table that her family RARELY eats at.


    HAHAHAHA. yUP... still excited and happy! :yahoo:
  6. And for those wondering if I've experienced CRACKS on the edges of the plastic sealing yet, my answer is YES I HAVE :s Sadly, there's nothing we can do and Miu Miu is obviously not doing anything yet but I love my bow too much to give her up now. I guess I'll be dealing with them :yes: That's okay, as long as it's nothing visible on the leather.


    One side of the opening.


    The other side of the opening.


    Something I found on the bow :Push:


    For a $1,200+ handbag, they weren't made so nicely.... :hysteric:
  7. Love this color.

  8. after two weeks of using my bow, i've noticed slight cracks in the plastic sealing on the openings, and some of the rubber sealant on the edge of the ribbon seems to be rubbing off as well :Push:
  9. Hehe. I love this ALLUMINIO color too. :yes: I think alot of tPFers enjoy the alluminio bow more than all the other colors.

    I know exactly what your talking about :Push: Many ALLUMINIO or light color bows have this problem.. :crybaby: It's so sad because the handbag is NOT cheap. It's a really expensive and designer handbag! I don't understand why Miu Miu won't fix it :yucky: Maybe because no one complains..... hrm...

    The bow/ribbons on my handbag are starting to curl... that's been annoying me but I still love my bow so much despite it's negatives. :shame:
  10. As much as I love my two bows, I will not purchase another. They were meant to be fun purses for me since I'm more of a Prada girl. My two bows are actually in perfect condition except for some minor rips in the sealant. I admit that I'm fortunate to be able to rotate my purses.

    But it does bug me to know that there are such issues when these purses cost a whopping $1200 each. I don't even use my bows daily but I can understand the pain of working very hard to save up for this special bag.

    It's one thing to baby your purses and another to fret over its condition constantly. I have better things to do with my time than calling Miu Miu/X retailer to complain. I already did that and it saddens me.

    I know that Miu Miu is capable of making good quality bags. The older bows from couple seasons ago are holding up really well. So there is not reason why we should be experiencing problems with these particular bags. Unless the problem is fixed, I wouldn't advise anybody to continue purchasing these bags. :tdown:
  11. i love your bag! but i have a question now, is this the medium? small or large?

    and if you can, compare yours to a bbag city, is it almost the same size?
  12. Aw. linpaddy, I liked your OLD avatar more :yes:

    I completly AGREE with your statement. If customer were to STOP buying the bows and let the department stores KNOW WHY, they should let Miu Miu know the problem and they should consider fixing it before producing anymore.

    It is ANGRY to know that we pay SO MUCH MONEY for this handbag that's suppose to be OH SO GREAT and it ends up dissapointing and breaking in less than a month which is TERRIBLE.

    We should start a thread and stop the purchases of bows UNTIL this problem is solved :wtf:

    My bow is the MEDIUM. I haven't seen much of the small or the large. But I do know most of us prefer the MEDIUM :yes: It's a great size. Right in the middle between small and too big!

    Compared to a BBAG it's about the SAME SIZE. HOWEVER, I think the BBAGs are WIDER. The height is about the same.
  13. I am v disappointed with the quality of the as well. Granted I have used my bow almost daily since I got it, but to have cracks in the sealant within two weeks is unacceptable. I love the bag too much not to use it every day, except on days when its raining when I leave the house. Im in Singapore and we're having really wierd weather atm which rains almost everyday, and i've gotten some droplets on my bag a few times.

    I am dropping by the boutiqe later to talk to the SA who sold me the bag, but I doubt anything can be done. So far the cracks have been minor, and I checked the bag obsessively when I bought it and it was pretty much perfect. My sis got a medium light pink harlequin bag yesterday too.
  14. Hi annaversary, have caught up with this thread and so sorry to see the same problems have popped up on your new bag. I mean, for a $1200 bag, one would expect top quality, flawless bag. She is still REALLY GORGEOUS, though. I visit this thread just to :girlsigh:over your pics.... lol
  15. annaversary, you look so cute with your bag!