i FINALLY found MY perfect Alluminio Miu Miu Bow Satchel*

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  1. congrats!! may i ask, where did you purchase the bag?
    i've been looking everywhere but cant find it >____<
  2. congrats! lol love your super excited photo
  3. Very pretty! Enjoy her!
  4. YAY!!CONGRATS!!!!:party:

    I see your excitement from your photo!!
    So glad you finally got one!:heart:

  5. I purchased the bag from SAKS. I had my SA from SAKS NY get it for me. I think they may have like 1-2 of them left. If you need more information PM me!

    Hehehe. I look so dorky but the Miu Miu looks fabulous and it explains the look on my face :P

    Hehe. Thank you and I am DEFINETLY enjoying her!! :love:

    Weeee. :roflmfao: Thank you! And thank you for helping me when I first got interested in the bow. I'm so happy I finally found one with NO RIPS or SCRATCHES... yet :Push:
  6. Like I said, I'd be taking alot of pictures of her since I am still so overjoyed that I finally got my hands on a clean and perfect bow. She's so great to carry and bring around with me anywhere and everywhere :girlsigh:

    Today: I toke her to the mall with mommy and I. She was carried mostly with the shoulder strap today. Since mommy and I were going prom dress shopping for me, I brought aloing my prom shoes from last year, SHE carried it perfectly for me :shame:





    I just can't stop looking at her or touching her!!!! She's definetly a keeper and worth all the hours of my job!!!!!!!
  7. Loves it!! You make me want to take pictures with my bow too but I'm too lazy, hehe. Btw Annaversary (miss bow expert), do you know the official name of the cognac color? I saw a girl wearing one today and the color was stunning!

    Thanks :heart:
  8. wow, i love your pictures of the bag!
    i think it's such a gorgeous bag, and it looks excellent on you :biggrin:
    ahh i want the black or aluminio color so bad..
  9. Hehe. I just love my bow so much :love: After months of drooling over others bows and getting fustrated with the damaged ones I recieved, I finally got the perfect one. I can't stop bringing her with me EVERYWHERE. A simple stop to 711 is still a must for her to follow. And she's so beautiful I JUST CAN'T STOP SNAPPING PICTURES OF HER :lol:


    I believe that the "COGNAC" bow is this one:
    I'm not 100% SURE, but I think that's the cognac.. was the girl wearing this one?

    After school, I rested for a bit at home and decided to do some errands today. Of course, I brought my Miu Miu Bow along with me :shame: She's just divine!


    There she is sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME in my car. Shining beautifuly in the sun! WeeEee. I can't wait to take her out tomorrow AGAIN! :roflmfao:

  11. annaversary, I thought that was the sughero/sugero color...?
  12. aww annaversary, you are too cute!! I wanted a bow for a while but since I am in Canada and they don't have any Miu miu stores here, I tried to forget about it and move on! However, looking at all your bow bag pictures sure makes me want one! I would order one from Saks but the customs ends up being around half the cost of the bag itself!!!! :sad:
    Does anyone know if the Miu miu boutiques ship internationally? I'd still have to pay customs but I am considering it...:hrmm:

  13. I'm so sorry to hear that :sad: I'd be bummed too. I know a few ladies here on tPF who don't live in the US and are having terrible trouble purchasing the bow. I'm not familiar with SAKS shipping methods. You should give them a call and ask...
  14. ^ The sugero bow IS cognac in color. Annaversary posted the correct pic. The "cognac coffer" however is a fake.

    Good luck!