i FINALLY found MY perfect Alluminio Miu Miu Bow Satchel*

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  1. aww it's beautiful! you really deserve it after all the trouble you went through!!
  2. that always happens to me too!
    im fairly certain her bow is the original size not the large tote
  3. Finally! About time annaversary... all the trouble and waiting you went through, I'm sooo happy you finally got the 'perfect' bow you deserve. And can i just say how gorgeous you are- with or without the bow?! Congratulations is in order! I'd toast you, :drinks:but I don't want to get charged with corruption of a minor! hahaha.
  4. I love the bow sooo much, congrats on your finding of the perfect one!

    It's really a shame that no matter how much I love it, I just can't justify paying such a price for a bag that has ANY rips. :crybaby:
  5. I'm so happy you got a new bow!! I love the bag too and was able to snag one last week, the Allumino color is GORGY!! Enjoy it!!

    :smile: Cindy
  6. congrats on finding a perfect one annaversary!! i love itttt! and the expression on your face is so cute!!
  7. Very pretty! I may still want one! This is all your fault. :smile: j/k
  8. raelene, the color NERO is also known for the color black.

    LaDonna, I recently bought a Burberry and being 17, $1,200 doesn't come easily but I don't care how much I have to work to pay this BOW off. I am just so in love with it! The bow I have is the REGULAR size bow. Small/Medium like you said. The large bow is bigger. Not many tPFers have the large bow. Atleast none I've seen... OH, and I never heard of the shopper or tote? But the full name is the Miu Miu Vitello Lux Bow Satchel :yes: I hope that helps!

    fee512, congradulations to you and your bow too! Did you get the Alluminio also? I hope your enjoying yours as much as I am enjoying mine :yahoo:

    little*birdy, I'm glad someone enjoys my pictures. Haha. I keep taking pictures of it. I just love it! So I will be updating this thread ALOT. Hahah. Like right now, after I reply to everybody! The size of my bow is the REGULAR, SMALL/MEDIUM. It's not the large. Why do you live? I know a Japanese Website that sells it (not sure if they ship internationally) and SAKS can locate one for you!

    madaddie, thanks!! HEhee. I was VERY excited and my boyfriend just toke random pictures of me while opening my package!

    linpaddy, I was so excited when I came home and I saw a HUGE box on my front door. My SA put it on overnight shipping for me on THURSDAY and I couldn't believe it arrived so quickly! Definetly EXCITED as I look in that picture. HAHAHHAA. How funny, we have that in common then! Yay for packages and USPS, UPS, and FEDEX deliver guys!!

    awong10, hehe. Thanks!!!! Especially for all the help you provided me when I started this BOW journey of mine!

    moster, thank you thank you. I definetly went through ALOT of trouble. But it all paid off! Going through trouble and hardwork always pays off! Hehe. :woohoo:

    marose28, thank you!! Hehe. I am too very happy that I finally found the PERFECT bow. The rips I can deal with. Hah. & thank you for your sweet complement! But I just can't resist not owning a bow :love: Let's just say we can toast with ORANGE juice or soda or something...HAHA :drinks:

    Vinyl, aw thank you and your not alone on wanting to own a bow but don't think it's worth it. A few girls here on tPF returned their bows because of the same concern! I'm just SO IN LOVE with the bow that I can deal with the rips...

    CindyYZ, yay! I hope you are enjoying your bow like I am!!! Did you happen to post any pictures of your bow???

    vickiness, ehhehe. Thanks VICKY (i'm guessing that is your name). And my expession DEFINETLY shows how happy I am about this purchase of mine! I went through a long hunt for it!

    BrownEyedGurl, hehe! GET ONE GET ONE GET ONE! It's a beauty!

  9. So today I went to ONTARIO MILLS outlet with my girlfriend and OF COURSE, after she arrived YESTERDAY I just couldn't help but take her out with me AGAIN!!!




    Girlfriend and I were PROM DRESS shopping. I wanted to post a fun picture of us in the dressing room trying on dresses. (White is a big no-no for Prom!) But YOU CAN SPOT her sitting down *BOW ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE!


    Here she is on my lap! I will baby her forever!!! I will not place her down on anything sharp or dirty!!! She deserves my lap or her own chair!!


    I like this picture the most out of all the ones I toke today. She got to sit in the back by herself BECAUSE my girlfriend doesn't understand my obsession and she THROWS MY HANDBAGS around :crybaby:like she does with hers... SHE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND!!!

    Oh, and I remember someone asked for the item # on the card, I don't know which #s is which. So I toke a picture for whoever wanted the information!

  10. the bow looks really great on you. i'm 5ft 11 and it looked too small...i need a bigger bag.
    i'm bummed out because i have to return it somehow today, any suggestions on what to get in it's place.

    your picture of the Saks box made me sad though. my cat died yesterday and the only thing i could find to put him in was the Saks box my bow came in. :sad:
    hopefully a new bag today will cheer me up although i doubt it.
  11. You're killing me w/these pictures!! :roflmfao:


  12. I'm SO sorry! I know what it's like to lose a pet- I'm still not completely over my dog and I don't think I ever will be, but thats okay. At least your cat went in style!! A saks box is probably the swankiest treatment you can get. :shame: Hope you feel better!
  13. thanks moster, yes, it's so heartbreaking to lose a pet. this was sudden and without warning, and i saw the whole thing and cannot get the image out of my head. he looked in so much pain. :sad::sad:

    i have two other cats and i hope i don't have to see them go through such a horrible ending. (massive heart attack)....

    yes, a nice way to go out in style! he was a white persian and very chic so the saks box was fitting!
  14. Hehe. Thanks. I'm only 5'2 so that explains why it looks way smaller on you. I wish I was a bit taller though :sad: They have the bow in LARGE too!! Have you seen it? Here's a few pictures I have on my computer to show you.

    ^ That's the large bow!

    ^ That's the regular/small/medium bow! (The one I have)

    So if your interested in the large bow you can purchase it here:

    If you don't get that, I suggest getting a MIU MIU HARLEQUIN!!! It's the "new" bag that everyone is cr@zy about currently. Here are a few pictures:

    ^ This is the small BLUE Miu Miu Harlequin. It retails for
    $ 1.564,00.

    ^I am not sure if this is the MEDIUM or LARGE Miu Miu Harlequin, but this one retails for
    $ 1.738,00.

    And I am so sorry to hear about your cat :*( I hope he/she lived a GREAT life and will forever rest in peace! And WOW, having to be buried in a SAKS box is a BEAUTIFUL THING! Hahaha, I'd like that if I was a cat or anything that can fit in there! I hope you do get a new bag to cheer you up! If not, time will heal and just remember that you spent many great times with him/her! :flowers: Feel better!!

    Hehehe. I will be posting more to CHECK BACK FOR MORE PICTURES DAILY! I toke some today actually... I will post soon. Hehehe. I toke her to the movies with me today and of course, she sat right next to me! I held onto the shoulder strap instead of my boyfriend's arm. He's definetrly jealous :biggrin:

    You should get one!!! What's stopping you!!!!
  15. Like I said, I just can't stop looking or taking pictures of her :love:

    I toke her to the movies today. She sat right next to me on my left side. I held on to her shoulder strap just in case someone wanted to take her :sweatdrop: Boyfriend got extremly jealous because instead of holding onto his arm, I held onto my MIU MIU shoulder strap. Hehehe :P



    And here she is on my bed.


    Okay. That's it for today. I'll update some more when I take more pictures which is probably VERY SOON because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE having her on my arm. Sadly, I can't take her to school, hehe :rolleyes: