i FINALLY found MY perfect Alluminio Miu Miu Bow Satchel*

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  1. Many of you are probably getting tired of all these threads with the Miu Miu Bow Satchels huh? Hehe, sorry but I just love that bag so much! And..


    Especially since I went through 2 damaged ones. I finally found one that's perfectly clean for me!

    This thread is about my bow that arrived TODAY.
    She's my 3RD bow.

    The 1st bow I bought had a few damages that bothered me alot.
    You can see/read the 2 threads here:
    - My BRAND NEW baBy is already *DAMAGED!

    I later ordered a 2nd bow that had even MORE damages. There were seriously about 20+ rips on the plastic sealings.. ridiculous...

    So I returned bow #1 & #2 and decided to wait for a new shipment that was suppose to arrive in April. And my SA immediatly ordered one for me and shipped it overnight to me! I recieved it today, right after school. I love coming home afterschool and seeing a package or packages on my front door. Hehe. I'm sure I'm not the only girl that enjoys seeing FEDEX or UPS
    trucks, boxes, and the men walking towards your house!

    Okay okay, no one cares about reading this text, PICTURE TIME!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Ta daA!

    I checked her ALL DAY, for scratches.. and damages. She has 2 rips on the edge of the opening, then again, IT'S NORMAL! As we bow owners know already.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    2 old modeling pictures with my #1 bow.


    & here's me SUPER EXCITED today with the NEW #3 bow.
  2. Here's two more pictures. Hehehehe :graucho:


    Toke her out today RIGHT AFTER I opened my package. Gave her, her OWN chair during dinner.


    At home, sitting next to my other baby, Burberry!
  3. Beautiful!!! Congrats on your perfect new Bow.
  4. hi i was wondering if i could get the item number for the alluminio bow bag please
  5. im trying to track one down
  6. If you are orderig from SAKS, the item # is [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]0404388591455[/FONT]
  7. Thanks shockey. I'm still overjoyed that I finally found a perfect one. After seeing 2 damaged ones! I finally got my hands on one that is in clean condition! Yay!
  8. thanks annaversary. do you by any chance know what color nero is
  9. nero is black
  10. annaversary congrats on your new bag! i really want one of these bags, but something always comes up and the money ends up going towards something else :sad: you have the small/med bow bag right? is it the shopper or the tote? i get confused.
  11. congrats!!! u finally got the perfect one, and for me in london, i got mine a few days ago too!!!!! and its the best bag ever, i love it as much as you do!!!
    happy jolly girls we are!! ^^'
  12. annaversary, I will never get sick of your bow satchel threads....bring 'em on, I say!! I just LOVE looking at your pics!! Your bag is simply PERFECTION!!!

    May I ask what size is your bow bag? I haven't seen one IRL and I'm really hoping to get my hands on one!
  13. Congrats, you look so cute in your excited photo! ;)
  14. Dear annaversary

    I love that expression on your face. It's priceless. :nuts:
    I'm so happy for you since we know that you've worked so hard to get your bow.

    It's a beautiful purse and I'm very sure that you'll look beautiful wearing it.

    And you are not the only one who gets excited upon seeing delivery men. I actually rush to greet them at the door and my DH complains all the time that I get more excited seeing those guys than him! Muahahahaha!! :graucho:

    Congrats again on your bow!
  15. Finally!! Congratulations.. I remember when I was trying to help you get your first bow.