I finally found my HG violet flap, ahh! Miss yellow is here too, and some others! :)

  1. Hi ladies! I finally decided to take some pics of my new babies! It's been not so great around here for quite some time (long story, and of course it involves a man), but you do what you have to I guess. :sad:

    Anyway, I managed to strike gold on the bag front! I found my HG violet caviar e/w after what seemed like an endless (and fruitless!) search, thanks to my Fairy Chanel godmother (thank you soo much girl)! :love:

    I tracked down the yellow glazed lamb flap from Hawaii (the SA's are so incredibly nice over there at the Ala Moana store), and I'm really excited, because I've been wanting a yellow flap forever (and this one is the perfect, saturated shade of yellow IMO)! :smile:

    The brown caviar Jumbo and '06 red caviar medium flap were my Christmas presents (to me!)... I know it's way past Christmas haha, but better late than never to post pics! I kicked myself after passing over the brown caviar Jumbo when my NM SA miraculously tracked one down last year, but I'm glad I found one on the site we all love/hate! ;)

    I'm a tiny bit unsure about the metallic green 226 reissue though. It's gorgeous, and chameleon like in the sense that from a few feet away, it looks more like the DS reissue from this season, while in other lights, it definitely looks green (the green stitching helps with that)... hmm, I guess I expected it to be a little greener haha, but I'll decide for sure in a few days time (plus I have my eye on two other s/s '08 reissues). :sweatdrop:

    Thanks so much for letting me share! :heart: I'll post some modeling pics soon. :smile:

    :heart: Minal
  2. Miss HG (pretty accurate representation of the true, gorgeous color)!! :love:

    Miss Yellow (this is the best representation of the true color)!

    Miss HG and Miss Yellow chillin!

    A trio of beauties hehe!

    Miss red/bordeaux and Miss green!

    Miss green and Miss brown!
  3. LOVE the yellow and the purple!
  4. i love all your flaps! how many do you have in total already? hehe
    i'm so jealous!
  5. Gorgeous!!!!
  6. Aww, thanks *pure_honeyl!! :heart: :flowers: I can't wait until you get your yellow flap too (I know you'll love it)! :love: Ahh, well, too many that after my metallic purple and navy reissues get here, I'm basically DONE. :yes: ;)

    Thank you Queen Mahra (your family's jewelry is heart stoppingly gorgeous)! :heart:
  7. omg, you have the most gorgeous flap colors! is the bordeaux classic and the east west purple still instored now? they are unbelievable!!!
  8. Wow! Many congrats FF! I must say that the purple is my favorite (I'm going through a purple phase right now). Thanks so much for posting!
  9. ooooh!AHHHHHHHH!
    LOVES them all...!
  10. Wow Minal...your flaps are deliciously gorgeous:love::love:, love your yellow flap the most, what an amazing color!!!!!, hey hon...keep your head up and move on...everything will be alright;), you're a sweet girl and your posts always make me :smile:.
  11. I LOVE the brown
    what season is it from? i really want that color =(
  12. Aww, thank you sweet_pees! :shame: I wish I could tell you that they are readily available, but unfortunately the violet caviar e/w was released in the fall of '06 (I searched for it forever!), and the '06 red/bordeaux I found through the help of a pfer! For past season bags, you have to stalk *bay or get lucky at a consignment shop. :smile:

    Chi town Chanel - Thank you!! :flowers: The purple is one of my favorite flaps... it's such a pretty color, and I'm happy I was lucky enough to find it! :love:

    Thanks Jill!! :smile: I always love your bags and modeling pics! :love:
  13. thegraceful1 - Thank you N! :love: I was drooling over your Ritz duo... I'm so happy you found them!! :yahoo: I love the yellow too... it exceeded my expectations!! :love: Aww, thank you... that's very sweet of you to say. :flowers: I'm taking it one day at a time... it's too complicated and sad to do anything but that.

    angelicdust - Hi! It's from fall '06. :smile: I hope Chanel releases it again, but in the meantime, you might try *bay! :tup: :heart:
  14. What heavenly colors! Congrats and enjoy!
  15. WHOA!!!!!! I'm so happy for you girl! You are truly the flap queen babe, the yellow is truly a lovely vibrant and sunshine-y color. And of course the violet is TDF, congrats!