I finally found my camera charger!! Very late Xmas pics...lol

  1. So the charger for my camera was locked up in my dorm all month, and I just moved back in today and found it! I know I'm suuuuper late, but here's what I got for Christmas:
    DSC02589.JPG DSC02591.JPG DSC02593.JPG DSC02595.JPG DSC02597.JPG
  2. And one more!

    So yeah, I got all of it from the BF and his mom (she works at COACH) and I'm SO happy and grateful that she loves me so much lol. Sorry I was so late everyone!

    EDIT: One more thing I forgot...does anyone know the name of that pouch? TIA!
  3. Cute gifts, love the keyfob and I have those same sneakers and Sig Stripe tote!

    The pouch looks so unique.. :love:
    I think the print is called lozenge...
  4. Yeah, I had asked earlier and I think someone said the same thing. But I love how inside it's red! Thanks!
  5. great gifts. I just love the purple keyfob. Congrats on all of your goodies!
  6. Better late than never. Love all your goodies especially the key fob. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Love your bags. Nice finds.
  8. congrats.. what a haul! :tup:
  9. does that purple keychain come in diff colors??? its adorable
  10. glad you find the cam charger...
    Nice pic's.
  11. Hmm I'm don't know...but I'm sure there are ones just like it in different colors.
  12. No problem, it's so cute..

    For anyone else who wanted to know, the style no. is 41467 and it's called the [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]"Coach Pilot Lozenge Top Handle Pouch".[/FONT]
  13. I love those sneakers!
  14. There are lots of pink ones like it. The purple one is style no. 92115.
  15. Awesome gifts!!Love the sneakers!