I finally found it!!!

  1. Been searching all over for something like this!! Finally!!! BUT the price!! Does anyone else thinks it's overpriced??

    Is this piece worth paying so much for? Please help me out.:crybaby:

    I really love it. But i'm having such a hard time accepting the price.
  2. You don't mention how much it is, but I say if you searched and searched and finally found it, don't let it go!
  3. OOPS! the price is USD587!! Silly me!
  4. wow, that is a lot of money....but again, if it's what you really want...and, you know, you're not going to have to go hungry for a month to buy it..then you should buy it. better to get it now and be happy than to not get it, lose the opportunity, and always regret that you didn't. It's a pretty piece and something that you will always be able to wear.
  5. Thanks for the advice. That's what i've been telling myself eversince i found it. I need some justification for it!! LOL.
  6. Even if it is alot of money, I tell myself you only live once :smile: AND It looks great on you!
  7. No, that's not too much.
    I like it! Is it me & Ro?
  8. What exactly makes it worth nearly $600? I think I see a little diamond in it, but what's the rest of the pendant made of?

    It's cute, but not for $600. I could do some serious jewelry shopping on a $600 budget.
  9. Could someone who works in gold (Elena perhaps) make something similar for you?

    Gold is very expensive but I know she does a great job and has reasonable prices.
  10. I only know that it's gold and i do not know the grade of gold it is in. It says multi gold. Anyone heard of it before? And yes, there is a tiny speck of diamond on it.

    I have not checked with anyone on custom making one. How much would that cost? Does anyone have a ball park?
  11. Maybe you could send a private message to Japster. She works in gold.

    From the photo you posted it looks like the smaller disc is rose gold and the larger one is regular yellow, perhaps 14 or 18 k, maybe 22.

    Here is Japster's website: Future Fashionista

  12. But wouldn't we spend at least double that, for a few pieces of base metal and leather? ;)

    If it's designer, it's about the price I would expect.
  13. ^^^Very true, chole, but handbags are quite a bit more utilitarian than a single piece of jewelry. At least that's how I rationalize it. :greengrin: