I finally found a miss kaite tote!!

  1. I am soooo excited!! I finally found, and won a miss katie tote off eBay:yahoo: I know that many of you are not a fan of this bag, but I first saw it a few months ago in a mag and fell in love with it!! Little did I know how hard it would be to track down. I was the top bidder on a red one, but lost (I could not believe that it sold for more than the seller bought it for). I got the blue one, and should be getting it any day now!! Does anyone else already own this bag? What are peoples thoughts where you carry it??
  2. oops....sorry for the typo in my heading:push: (Katie not Kaite)
  3. Congrats on getting a bag you've always wanted! I don't think I'm familiar with the Miss Katie tote. Is it along the same lines as the Miss Marc bags?
  4. I think the whole name is "marc by marc jacobs miss marc katie tote" :p
  5. ^^Aaah, I understand now. :smile: I think most of the Miss Marc totes are very fun. You're right, not everyone is a fan, but I like their whimsy and funkiness. :p Congrats on getting one!

    I have this one but in the white. I think it's a great bag!

  6. It's cute, congrats!! I like his Miss Marc bags.
  7. I just got it in the mail today....love love love it!!!! I teach pre-school so it should be funny to see the kid-o's reactions to Miss Jennys bag!!
  8. what a cute bag! i love my miss marc cosmetic pouch.
  9. Oh believe me, they'll LOVE it. I teach 4th grade and my students always get a kick out of it. I had two for a while (different facial expressions) and they just thought they were hillarious. Enjoy your new bag!