i finally fit in! My first chanel...

  1. I have been on a waiting list for the beige GST at two places for a litttle while and I couldn't wait anymore (imminent price increase pushing me to buy now!) So, I went into Saks and saw the small petite shopping tote for the first time and it's a perfect starter. what do you think ladies???


  2. Wow, you two look gorgeous together!
    Congratulations on your first Chanel :yahoo:
  3. ahhh... its hot! and with the gold... ive been thinking of getting this bag recently but i think ive done too much damage already. ENJOY and congrats!
  4. Congrats on your first Chanel!

    I love your dog!! What a cutie!
  5. That's really cute, congrats!
  6. I love that bag, and it looks great on you too :yes:

    Can I ask how much it was???
  7. it is 1,550 plus tax but i saved 10% opening up a Saks card which is only $155 so really not a huge discount. But i love it.
  8. CONGRATULATIONS sheanabelle!!! :party: Wonderful choice for your first Chanel, now you'll have to post pictures in the "Action" thread!! :yes:
  9. Congrats.. It is really pretty and your dog looks thrilled for you....:yes:
  10. Good for you getting it before the April 1st increase. It looks fabulous on you!:yes:
  11. Looks really good on you! Definitely a bag you can use day in day out, for a variety of occasions.
    Also can't get over how cute your dog is. Is he/she a pug?
  12. congrats! it look GREAT on you!

    it's def. a perfect start for a long jorney in chanel world LOL
  13. You look great carrying it! stunnning bag!Congrats! and such a cute dog
  14. lovely, lovely! congrats! I like that it is a bit shorter than the GST. Cute litle pug!
  15. Congrats! Looks very nice on you!