I finally figured out why this is a classic

  1. Snatched this Speedy up on eBay for a bargain $330 and had it authenticated this week at LV Manhasset (I already knew it was real though, from spending way too much time here LOL)

    Anyway, I can't BELIEVE that I never bought this bag from the get go and now that I have it, I'm not sure why I ever passed it up. It was always a bag that I lpassed over but the more I saw it on everyone (HERE!) the more it grew on me...I was thinking of the cerises, but this is a true LV classic and a welcome addition.

    It also took everything in me to walk out of LV empty handed but as you can see, Speedy isn't the only addition to my purse family-she's pictured here with the Grenat Paddy which just arrived TODAY :roflmfao:

    Adopted from PFer Carolyn (sunspark) and originally owned by PFer Fayden :amuse:

    There is some guilt involved with that purchase (way too many bags int he last 5 weeks and I blame it all on YOU!!) but I've been on the hunt for a red bag and this color was TOOOO perfect in terms of being EXACTLY what I wanted for this fall.

    Plus, I always wanted a Paddy :amuse:

    Must. Stop. Now.
  2. Wow, you speedy looks new to me. COngrat.
  3. It's about a year and a half old.
    Just the right amount of patina.
    Some wear to the handles, but obviously not a bag that was carried on a regular basis.
  4. i love your speedy of course (i am a speedy nut and that one is in wonderful condition for the price you paid!) but that paddy!! WOW! :blink: :love: not really a fan of paddies in general but the color on that one is beautiful. great purchases!! :smile:
  5. Congrats on your purchase, it's a bag that you will be able to carry for a long, long time !
  6. Wow, 2 bags!!! Lucky girl!! Enjoy your bags, their great!!!
  7. Wow! Great Deal on Great Looking Bag
  8. The bag looks AWESOME!!! CONGRATS!!! Enjoy it!
  9. Wow...that is a great price for a Speedy! Plus, I love the LV store in Manhasset. I go there too many times and now it seems like the sales associates know me. :shame: Lol!
  10. Love both bags! Congrats!
  11. Two Beautiful Bags! Congratulations!! The Speedy Is A Classic!!! :smile:

    Shopaholic ~ Isn't Manhasset The Best? My Absolutele Favorite To Shop....Especially On The Island!
  12. Congrats! The speedy is definatley my all time favorite bag
  13. Congrats on the new purchases! I love the red Paddy!
  14. congrats on your 2 bags!!! they're both SO beautiful!
  15. Congrats!! enjoy your new bag..
    Can't go wrong with speedy
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