i finally exchanged my mbmj green bowler...

  1. and this is what i got. i also wanted to share with you guys a picture of my mj and mbymj family. thank you for letting me share my babies! ;)

    faridah in poppy and clutch in cream.


    my mbymj family

    mymbymj and mj family

    thanks again for letting me share!!!!:heart::yes::smile:
  2. gorgeous! congrats!
  3. I love the clutch!
  4. hey Kath...you're really feeling the MJ lately eh???? Love all your bags.
  5. i like almost all of your bags, the faridah is just not my style! but your other bags are to die for!
  6. ... and I was longing for a MbMJ green bowler!!!
  7. Omg you have the yellow patent MbMJ bag I tried on last night at Bloomies. I so love that yellow color, but I don't know if the patent leather is me.

    Nice collection you have there also. :tup:
  8. thanks! i must say...they are my fav! :love:
  9. thanks! i wasnt too keen on the faridah at first, but after trying it on and seeing it in real life i grew to luv it. it has a lot of room to put a lot of my crap in it (diapees, wipees, etc.) and i love the smooshines of the leather and also the color.
  10. The Faridah is gorgeous, the leather looks like butter.
  11. love the new bags. 2 for 1!
  12. Great family collection.
  13. great collection you got there. I spy a mouse stam hobo!
  14. Congrats! :woohoo: You have two bags that I like! The Softy Faridah in Poppy and the Convertible Clutch in Yellow! Would it be possible to have a modeling pic of the clutch being carried as a shoulder flap, pretty pls? :flowers:
  15. What happened to your bowler? Did you not like it? Was it the Totally Turnlock Bowler?