I finally did it!!!

  1. I just clicked "pay" for the blue Colchiques scarf on the Opportunities website. I've bought my first Hermes scarf! :yahoo:

    I'd been postponing the purchase until I got refunded my $$ for the Burberry trench I bought that was too small (and smelled like cigarette smoke besides). The refund arrived today, and after weaseling a few times, looking at the scarves on eBay and wondering whether I could get a better deal, I took a deep breath and went for the one I really wanted.

    The pic I'm attaching is lousy -- I couldn't figure out how to copy the enlarged version from the site -- but if anybody is curious, here's a link to the scarf on Opportunities: http://www.opportunities.fr/en/produit.php?ref=A_OPPCA654

    Many, many thanks to all of the scarfies here -- especially sweet CobaltBlu -- for all of your help and encouragement.

    I just wish I could have bought it a bit earlier . . . In a week, I'm leaving town for a month for a training course, and from what I've heard here, I doubt that the scarf will arrive before I leave.

    But when I was sitting in my therapist's office yesterday, and realized that in the back of my head I was imagining myself sitting there with the scarf around my neck, I decided I'd better go for it. :wlae:

    Thanks again!!!!!
  2. Wow, that is a gorgeous scarf! Congratulations on your first H scarf! But be careful, they're highly addictive and it won't be your last!
  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That scarf is gorgeous!!! I'm sure this one wont be your last...it's a VERY slippery slope that you've started down! But so much fun!:p
  4. Congrats! There's no going back now :lol: Glad to see that you went for the scarf you really want instead of settling for second best.

    The scarf might make it in time too. Mr L ordered a scarf from them as part of my Christmas present and it arrived very fast and was delivered on the morning of 24th! Plus the scarf that I received today was posted from US on Monday so there's hope still!
  5. Congratulations on your first H scarf! Actions shots soon please! =)
  6. That's SUCH a beautiful scarf and I'm so glad you pushed that BIN button. When something haunts us that's when we know it's really for us. Congratulations!!!!!
  7. Congratulations, Exciting for sure!
  8. H scarf is one of the most versatile accessories. The only issue is you can't just stop with one.

    Congrats !
  9. A very gorgeous scarf! Are you hooked now? I don't see how anyone can ever have just one Hermes scarf.
  10. Congratulations on your first scarf LLass.
    It a very shouty, screechy moment! getting your fist H scarf!! :yahoo:
    Its gorgeous, and it will probably be the first of many.
    CBlu is wonderful and very patient!!!
    I hope you receive it as quick as possible. :heart:
  11. :tup: nice colors. I'd love to see action shots when you get the scarf.
  12. A gorgeous choice! Congrats!
  13. Beautiful scarf, LL- it will not be your last, for sure!
  14. congrats!!!
  15. AAAAAAWWWW, My little baby bird has flapped her wings left the nest for the world of silky wonderfulness!!!

    Congratulations, LL!!! I know you will love your scarf, and you will always treasure it as your first!!

    Cannot wait to see it on you, and I hope it arrives in time for your trip!
    YAY for you!!! You worked really hard to find the perfect one, and it is a beauty!!!