I finally did it..

  1. I bought the Cambon Reporter! 30% off, and I just couldn't resist! I never actually thought I would get it! Then again, I never thought it would be 30% off.. Let me know what you think!!
    Picture 177.jpg Picture 179.jpg Picture 178.jpg
  2. congrats! it's beautiful!! is it the beige one? and if you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for it?
  3. omigosh! she is beautiful! congrats! that's one of my dream bags!
  4. No, I don't mind at all! It came to $2378 after tax. Pictures really don't show how great it is in person!
  5. i love that bag, good deal!
  6. Congrats doublec! That's a beautiful bag!! :love:
  7. It's So Beautiful & 30% Off ~ Even Better! Congratulations!!!
  8. 30% off!!!!!! Where?????? What have I missed?????? Double C, it's gorgeous, congrats!!!!!
  9. congrats on ur new bag... its really nice..
  10. They had the pink and beige cambon items marked down at Saks tonight. They might go into tomorrow due to the discontinuing of the colors. I think it's just like the Hawaii sales only the prices are a little lower:

    Pouchette: $556.50
    Medium Tote: $892.50
    Bowling: $976.50
    Large Tote: $1046.50
    Reporter: $2222.50
  11. sweet!:cool:
  12. congrats on the new chanel.... its really beautiful......:love:
  13. nice bag...great deal
    congrats :smile:
  14. Wow what a great deal.....this is the mini right?
  15. What a great deal!

    I have a question. Does the reporter come in various sizes? If so, what is the smallest size and its price?