I finally did it

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  1. I went to vuitton.com and compiled my COMPLETE wish list , plz tell me if there are any i should buy now in case of discontinuation ...

    Cabas Mezzo
    Baggy GM- Lichen and Blue
    Damier Poche. Acc.- ebony
    Couguar- Black and Terre
    Bourget City Bag- Black
    Cabas Gm- Blue and Brown
    mono keepall 45
    mono carryall
    mono sirius 55
    mono bisten 65
    Damier Pegase 60
    Damier keepall 50 and 55
    Macao Clutch
    Damier Cos. Pouch
    Pochette Plate Gm- blue and brown
    Mini T&B poche
    Alexandra Wallet
    Tresor Wallet
    Business Card Holder
    Mini Lin Zippy Wallet
    Ludlow- damier ebony, pomme, amarante
    pochette wallet- ebony damier
    Organizer with ID holder- Damier ebony
    Zuhali Zippy wallet- black and i want blue
    cles- suhali blue and black oh and geranium
    nomade pochette wallet
    Agenda in damier ebony MM
    Agenda in Suhali Pm
    Utah Huron
    Utah Carryall
    Aventurier- in all colors

  2. wow. lol big list. if i went through and made one it would be everything. lol.
  3. whoa that's a huge wishlist. I'm not sure about what will be discontinued soon but you should get the Antigua Pochette Plate GM ASAP. I just got the last one in Canada (in Brown) and I think there are few left in the US also.
  4. Blue and Geranium suhali are already discontinued, so you should try and see if there are any pieces left that you want.
  5. Great Wish list.
  6. wow great wish list.
  7. Baggy GM in lichen, if it's still around ????...
  8. I took your cue and did this, as well!

    The total, I bet, is more than I'll make in the next 3 years....
  9. The denim Lichen colour is discontined and I'm pretty sure it's 100% gone! :sad: but call 866 and try, but there is always eBay just in case!
  10. wow that's a big list!
  11. :nuts:
  12. That is ONE big list!
  13. If you guys think his list is big, you should see MINE!