i finally did it!! here it is

  1. i managed to be able to post the pic of my new bag!!!

    sorry guys its from my cell phone though!
    damier is really growing on me and my damier koala wallet is on the way!!! :wlae: my ribera.jpg
  2. Congrats!! Damier is TDF.
  3. its lovely, congratulations on the purchases!
  4. sorry im at my bf's and hes playin video games- didnt realize i caught a part of him in the pic! haha
  5. thanks!! i really like it! i wasnt sure at first b/c its small and im more of a bigger bag person now but this is a great weekend bag and fits more than u think!
  6. it's an adorable bag... i love it!
  7. It's Beautiful! Congratulations!!!!! :smile:
  8. ...Oh, I couldn't tell at first, but yep there he is :supacool: . Woo hoo!!
  9. That is sooo cute!!! Please a post a pic of you wearing it!!!
  10. Congrats. It's lovely
  11. Cute bag! Love damier canvas. Congrats and thank you for posting the picture to share!
  12. very nice! i wanted one of these a while ago and kept searching on ebay but now the speedy is out i will def. be getting one soon :smile:
  13. Congrats, it's a great bag
  14. It's very cute bag..congrats !!
  15. Oh, it's lovely. Congrats :yahoo: