I finally did it girls!!!

  1. after about a week of sleepless nights i finally ordered the last black mini bowling form BalNYC. Daphne said it has nice leather, so I am excited! Once again, no pictures till next week though (cheap-o me picked FREE ground shipping).

    now I wait......:yahoo:
  2. CONGRATS! I want a Mini Bowler, too! Hopefully I will get one soon. Great pick!
  3. Yay!!! I can't wait to see pics. :yahoo:
  4. ^^ yippy, congrats tnc, i :heart: the mini :yahoo:
    _MG_0198_02 REV.jpg
  5. Congrats!! Can't for pics!
  6. congrats TARA.... *woot woot*
  7. LOVE it, Bama!! Where did you get your pics taken? They look so professional.
  8. tnc--haha, i know that feeling! congrats!
  9. i know aaal- I was sad that i missed out on your greige one from a while back that would have been a good color for all seasons!!!!
  10. congrats!:yahoo:

  11. Yeah, AAA, what's your set-up there?!?! Big light with the umbrella-thingy? I'm totally impressed....and want to know your photo secrets ;o)
  12. lol, my DH has a pretty elaborate photography set-up now :p ...he's got a fancy new canon digital & 2 of those umbrella-thingys...he's been taking photos of my bags for his book :tender:
  13. awe, don't be sad sweetie, i think black's a safer choice (no dirt!!!) ;)
  14. Congrats!! The mini-bowler is such a nice shape!
  15. Congratulations! A great choice! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Looking forward to seeing pictures.