I finally did it (but I haven't told the hubby yet)

  1. I finally bought my first LV, a Damier Speedy 30! I LOVE it. I have been in love with the Damier Canvas since I first saw it, and I knew my first piece would be a Damier. When I saw that they had finally come out with a Damier Speedy 30, I just could NOT help myself. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Finally, I am the proud owner of a Louis Vuitton!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Congrats! Enjoy your new bag!
  3. Go grayhound!! :yahoo:
  4. a huge congratulations! the damier speedy 30 is a timeless bag and you will love it for many years, I am in love with mine!! post pics if you can!!!
  5. Congrats!! I love Damier Speedy, enjoy your new bag.
  6. congratulations and welcome to the Speedy club:flowers:
  7. Congrats!! You are soo lucky. I hopefully will get my new Speedy 30 in July 20, since my mom will give it to me for my b-day gift!
  8. Congrats!! The Damier Speedy is gorgeous!:biggrin::flowers:
  9. I love my Damier Speedy too! Congrats!
  10. Congrats...love mine too..welcome to speedy club
  11. Congrats! I remember that feeling!!
  12. Congrats!!
  13. greyhoundgal - congrats on your new LV bag.... woo hoo!!!
  14. Congrats, it is great bag, I love it ! Enjoy :heart:
  15. Congrats ! Now to break it to DH gently.. ;) :biggrin:
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