I finally did it -- bought an LV Ellipse


Nov 4, 2006
Yippee!!!! I'm looking at it as I write this. The Ellipse is the bag I originally wanted. I toyed with the idea of getting a bag with a shoulder strap because I do like them, but after trying on pretty much everything in the store in my price range, both the SA and I agreed that the Ellipse was "me."

I bought the medium as I tend to carry a fair bit of stuff, and it doesn't look too big on me, whereas the pm looked too small. I spent more than I would have if I'd bought used -- and I was very tempted to do that, thanks to a poster here who had a great bag -- but I decided to celebrate my birthday (this Sunday), Christmas and finishing my Masters' degree all in fell swoop by buying my first major purchase at the store.

I couldn't be happier. It is so elegant and classic and beautiful. OK, I'll stop now, but it is quite a rush to buy your first bag. :wlae::yes: