I finally did a Coach collection family portrait!!!

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  1. Well it took me an hour or so to find everything (down to even taking my belt off lol) and lay them out in an organized fashion. By the time I had taken the pics and started putting everything away, I realized I forgot to include a Bleeker coin pouch and 3 Coach bangle bracelets.

    My love for Coach started back in 2004 when I was gifted a Soho flap shoulder bag in blue signature c's with brown leather trim.

    So here is every Coach piece I own!

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  2. closer up pics...

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  3. one more...

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  4. You have some very beautiful pieces there! Nice!!
  5. Very nice :smile:
  6. wow that is some task, I do good to take pics before I store them. let alone get them on photobucket............. great job and collection .
  7. Great collection... I may have to come steal your Jewel wallet, so pretty!
  8. What a collection!!! I am sure it takes alot of work to take everything out and put everything back!!
  9. Great Collection!!! I love the Leigh and the Lindseys! Love the belt, too! Very Cool!
  10. Thanks for all the compliments ladies!
  11. Very nice!!!
  12. What a gorgeous collection! I'm especially fond of your Ellie and Copper Audrey :girlsigh: Congrats!
  13. :drool: love it! I need to do a collection pic...sometime....:girlsigh:
  14. What a lovely collection...so much fun to see them all together!! :smile:
  15. Wonderful collection!!!!