I finally decided...reveal!

  1. Anyone about?
  2. Yes :biggrin:
  3. Yes but not for long. Aerobics class in a bit.
  4. It'll be a quick one anyway... it's quite obvious from the pics!
    photo 1.JPG
  5. I'm here too, been here far too much today.
  6. Ooohhh reveal! Yes I'm here too!
  7. Evening girls!

    This next pic will probably give her away...
    photo 2.JPG
  8. Wow, a live one! I'm here :smile:
  9. I'm here too!
  10. Here she is....
    photo 3.JPG
  11. Beautiful Bays! Congratulations she's a fabulous classic. This will def be my next purchase..... after saving up for a bit! :biggrin:
  12. Thank you!

    I love her already, was toying between her and the Bryn in store, but the size of the Bays won it for me.
  13. She's beautiful and classic, congrats!
  14. I think you chose well Laura. Congratulations! :smile:
  15. Thanks! I'm so pleased with my choice & can't wait to use her.