I finally decided on a wallet

  1. I went to the LV in SoHo and after looking at everything, I decided on a monogram zipped compact wallet! I love how the change part is external and zipped so nothing falls out easily, and that it fits all of my cards! It's also the right size for my hands and I'm in love with it! I'm so happy I went with this one. I don't carry too much but I'm not a minimalist, either, so it's a good compromise.

    I still want an epi pocket organizer to put my credit cards in when I don't need to use the wallet, but that will come later! I will post pictures soon.

    I wasn't impressed with the SoHo LV, though. The SA's had attitude problems and I didn't get a dustbag with my wallet even after asking for one (although I did get a box). I'll stick to the flagship on 57th or Bloomingdales, etc.
  2. Congrats! I'm thinking about wallets right now myself. Can't wait to see pictures!
  3. Congrats! That is a great wallet!
  4. Congrats! Enjoy the wallet! They should have given you a dust bag. I would have asked for the manager. Sometimes, LV SAs act like money comes out of their pay check if they give you something you ask for! It's ridiculous.
  5. I am not crazy about the SAs upstairs, especially the male ones. However, there is one lady who is very nice downstairs. I don't remember her name, she is in her 40s and with a European accent. No attitude at all, she chatted with me for a long time and graciously showed me everything I wanted to see, eventhough she knew I wasn't going to buy anything. Next time, try and look for her. The friendliest SAs are at Macy's and 57th St.

  6. She was nice, but didn't give me the dustbag :cry:. I'll go to the flagship from now on.
  7. Nice choice for a wallet! Post pics please!
  8. Good choice! Post pics when you get it!!!
  9. It's ridiculous not getting a dustbag for such an expensive wallet. Anyway, congrats. It's a great choice.
  10. OMG!!! I didn't get one either (with either of my wallets). I didn't know they made dust bags for wallets!!!:amazed: They gave me one for the astropill though!!!:shocked:
  11. i didn't get a dustbag with my wallet either! i was actually just thinking about it the other day and was wondering why i didn't :hrmm: they gave me one for my makeup bag though, which i thought was silly!
  12. Congratulations On Your Wallet!!! I Like The Soho Boutique....I Really Only Go When I'm Close By.....

    What Did They Say Their Reason Was For Not Giving You A Dustbag?
  13. oh **** that's so mean... i would give them lil attitute too...
  14. I had asked the SA for a box and dustbag, on the advice of others in the forum who'd had negative experiences, and with a bright and cheery smile, she said "of course!" and went into the back to prepare the wallet. I got home and found the box, but no dustbag.

    Another thing is that I actually had to ask her to pull out a wallet from inside and not one that was on display. I could totally tell the difference in stiffness between mine and the display one, too. I didn't get a hard time about that, though, and I really care about that more than the dustbag.
  15. Here are pictures of my wallet, as promised!
    March-April 2006 105.jpg March-April 2006 106.jpg March-April 2006 107.jpg