I finally decided...i think

  1. Large carly it is....in khaki/gold... i think it'll be the best, because i can tote around alot of junk in there, and the strap drop seems like it would work best....ah decisions decisions...but I probably won't be able to order it until maybe the third week in june....MAYBE a little later..(that'll be a big check lol) does anyone think it'll not be there anymore by then? i hope it won't sell out.... i will order it from coach,not a department store...but i hope it's still there by the time i can afford it....
  2. I know a month or so ago when i was searcing for the large carly in gold and saddle I could not find it ANYWHERE! But that was before it was on the website!

    I just gave in a bought one off eBay. Got the saddle for $330.
  3. I don't think you'll have any trouble finding it. Congrats on finally deciding to go with the Carly. You'll LOVE her..she's a beautiful bag!!
  4. Good Choice! I am thinking of getting thus same purse for myself! :tup:
  5. Good choice! Can't wait to see your pics
  6. I know hopefully i'll be able to get it! I have to start saving! lol it shouldn't be too long, maybe by the middle of june:p
  7. I can't wait to see pics when you bring her home!
  8. That is a great choice!
  9. Great choice...hope she's still available when you're able to get her!!
  10. Oh man, I wish I had your patience.. that is part of my problem.. I buy them even when I can't afford them :whistle:
  11. :yes:i think you will have luck finding one here in TX ive seen a few. But good luck!
  12. Great choice.
    I got the medium and have been itching for a large.
    Go for it =)