I "finally" decided ... Coffer bag in noce!

  1. It's been an agonizing 2 weeks for me but I'm now sporting a Miu Miu Coffer in Noce (the cognac color).

    Went to Saks in San Francisco this morning. Don't know WHY I didn't check there before! They had black leather, black patent, white patent, Camello and Noce.

    On the way home we stopped at Trader Joe's and there was a woman definitely eyeing my new bag.

    I am in heaven. Pics tomorrow, gotta get ready for a party tonight.

    p.s. the staff at Saks was absolutely amazing (I posted a separate thread in Handbags & Purses).
  2. YAY! I love happy-ending Coffer stories! I love mine, too, Rjez... beautiful, fun bag with tons of room, isn't it!?
  3. Congrats- can't wait to see pics!