I finally broke down........

  1. and ordered a Blue India Mid-Afternoon from BalNY!!!!!:wlae:

    So ever since I bought my first White Twiggy couple months ago, I knew there was no light at the end of tunnel:wtf: I've never had this kind of obsession with bags in my whole life!!! I wanted a BI Part-time soooooooo badly but didn't catch on the bandwagon for placing a pre-order and Daphne told me that they won't be getting anymore!! But since she had a few of Mid-Afternoon in BI and I am 5 feet tall, I think Mid-Afternoon will be nice for my petite size lolllllll.

    So I've read about Apple Garde, where can I get some of this stuff? I have been using the Coach leather cleaner/conditioner for my White Twiggy and it's turning my Twiggy into a more off-white tone than white. I saw someone here using the Apple Garde to restore one of their White First or City from using Coach's products....so I am also in need to doing the same!

  2. Congratulations and welcome to the dark side! =)
  3. CONGRATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTSSS>.. hehe ^_^ can't wait to see pictures... can't help on the apple garde, haven't tried it yet...
  4. Congrats!! The mid afternoon looks like a really interesting style and so many are raving about the color. Please post pics when it arrives so we all can drool along with you.
  5. someone said burlington coat factory sells them and I think u can also find them on Leatherstuff.com. look on the thread about applegardes, conditioners, Lovingmybags, etc. or do a search on applegarde/appleguard and it should come up! hope this helps...
    and congrats on ur Blue IndiaI]!
    :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :cutesy: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
  6. Congrats !!!
    Can't wait to see pics !!!!!!
  7. That's great! The BI is a beautiful color. I'm looking forward to seeing your pics of the BI in the mid-afternoon style.
  8. YAY! you'll love it. I think Mid-A will be perfect for you. :yes:

    For protection check out Lovin My Bags Leather Care for Handbags
    they've developed a new protectant specifically for Balenciaga type leather. Barbara is helpful answering any Q you might have. I have a few of their lotions and am phasing out use of the Apple products. I haven't tried their new potion but when I get my next Bbag in fall I may invest in some.
  9. kitskats,

    thanks for the lovingmybags link, looks like they are PRO w/ Bal bags!! I just ordered the $50 Bal kit, hopefully it'll be here before my mid-afternoon arrives!!! Yeah, I think the bag will be a good fit for my daily office use too, separate compartments, a bit more structured to keep papers in place, etc.....

    yeah ladies, I am sooooooo excited!!! LOL it's like X'mas here....:upsidedown: I will post pictures when it gets here!:lol:
  10. Congrats.
  11. woo hoo - yeah just give into the B-bag temptation!!! woo hoo!!! congrats!

  12. Join the club... :blush: :P Congrats on the new bag! Blue india is soo pretty!

    You can order Apple Garde from here: http://leatherstuff.com/shop/index.php?id=290 But LMB products are just as good, if not better!
  13. Congrats, I really look forward to seeing your pics I've never seen the mid-afternoon IRL.
  14. Congrats on ya giving into temptation!!! :P

    Will be checking in for pics!
  15. If it makes you feel any better, BalNY never even ordered the Part Time in Blue India, so you didn't miss out on any preorder with them. The only place I've heard of that got that style/color combo was Neiman's (and maybe Nordstrom Sac). Sounds like things worked out for the best for you anyway...can't wait to see your pics! ;)