I finally broke down and ordered...

  1. My white MC wapity! Even though free shipping ended on elux I'm loving using ****** and I'm trying to get some of the small things off my list to prepare for my larger purchase in HI:yahoo: I prefer to stagger my purchases as I refuse to pay ANY finance charges or remove money from my savings account. I think I have decided though that the Hawaii purchase may be a Chanel bag, sorry guys, but I think the wapity will look super cute in it and I think I'll get some suhali accessories, then I'm done with bags for a bit. Can't wait to see what develops, you never know with me until I'm walking out of the store with the purchase in hand!
  2. Hey hey!!! Congrats!!! :smile:
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. congrats on getting the wapity!! it is just too cute in MC( think it looks best in white mc)...can't wait to see your purchases from HI...do you know which chanel your are getting??
  5. congratulations~
  6. Congrats:heart:
  7. i saw a black wapity in person yesterday at the store and fell in love! i also decided that the monogram groom keychain in blue is a must have to clip on the wapity! i think i ought to have my work start forwarding my checks to lv...
  8. Congrats, Lola! Can't wait to see pics!!
  9. Congrats!
  10. :yahoo: Congrats, Lola :yahoo:
    I love wapity on MC :love:
    Yep, Chanel bag is so cool with MC wapity :drool:
    Cant wait to see your pics :graucho:
  11. wahoo! Wapitys rock!
  12. yeah give into it!!! congrats!!!
  13. yay!!
  14. congrats! I love my white mc wapity.
  15. I'm so happy for you!:yahoo:

    You say you are done with bags for a whike but if you stay around the pf I can tell you that you are far to be done LOL!:hysteric: