I finally bought my new baby home!!!!!

  1. I have been on my little romantic break with my sweet DH.:heart:
    We had a fantastic time, although as always, too much good food and wine!!!!!
    But, I finally got my new baby. I cant quite believe it. It is very different from what i thought i wanted!!!
    I am totally in love:drool: .

    No striptease, I am sorry to say. As soon as we got back to our hotel, I was like a kid on Christmas morning, couldnt wait to get her out!!! We had to go straight out again, so we could show her the sights!!!

    Here she is. Miss Mou Bolide. Second picture is a pic of her and my new plisse.
    Picture 159.jpg Picture 160.jpg
  2. raz96,



    You have a limited edition Horse Keychain!:nuts:

  3. Oh my! Your new Bolide is gorgeous - congrats!!
  4. I love your bag, your plisse and your keychain! Congrats!
  5. She is gorgeous. Congratulations.
  6. What's not to love! She's a gorgeous bolide.

  7. Love the bag, scarf and keychain combo!
  8. Congrats Raz!! Your gold bolide is beautiful! Excellent choice!! :dothewave:
  9. Sublime! Love your new bolide. Congratulations !!!!
  10. Oh, she is gorgeous!! What is the leather? Color? Congratulations and enjoy!! The plisse is lovely, too!!
  11. Thanks, so much ladies. I am totally in love with her:heart:,
    I got her from Sloane Street in London. She had just arrived in the store from Paris, the day before!!
    I have to admit I was a little daunted about walking in!!! (The SAs in Harrods werent at all helpful , too busy looking at themselves in the mirrors, trying on new scarves.)
    But a lovely male SA in Sloane Street served us, and he was just as exited as me.
  12. Oops, she is a 37cm Gold Clemence Mou Bolide.
    My keychain is number 0155 (I have no idea how many were made).
    And sorry to say, but i have no idea what the name of my plisse is, but it has dolphins and fish in the middle.
  13. She is beautiful, how nice to be in London:smile: How long will you stay there? are you doing the tea with scones ? We always stay in the Savoy, very fond memories, our oldest even got a tiny little bathrobe from the hotel, so cute.
  14. We only stayed for three days hk. :sad:
    We stayed at the Hilton at Park Lane. It was lovely, afternoon tea, cocktails, champagne and far too much food!!! :p
  15. Beautiful! Wear them in good health.