I finally bought my first louis vuitton!

  1. I just bought The bh bag!!!!! I got in chicago at macys! I didn't know macys in the midwest sold vuitton! Oh well I love it! It holds alot!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Thanks everyone for helping me with my decision!!!! I :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: It!!!!!!!
  2. Congrats! I have the BH too, use it almost every day!!! You'll love it!!!:yes:
  3. congrats on your new bag!
  4. Congrats, that's a great bag!
  5. Congratulations!!!
  6. Congrats!
  7. I didn't know that either. Maybe the Macy's that's only an hour away from me sells them? I'll have to check into that. That would be a separate boutique in the dept. store, right?

    Congrats on the bh! You are now officially addicted.
  8. I love that bag! I think it will be one of my next purchases.. so I can give my Cabas Piano a break!
  9. Congrats on your new bag!
  10. Congrats, this is my next bag for sure!!!! Not all Macy's have a LV store in them.... :smile:
  11. congrats! :smile:
  12. Oh Congrats!!
    Did you get it in a suburb or downtown?
    I shop at the LV in Macy's in Oakbrook Center.
  13. Congrats on your first LV!
  14. yay congrats! :smile:
  15. Congratulations.