I finally bought it... 6x8 agenda in punch!! pix attached!

  1. I had my eye on this pretty pink agenda the minute I saw it in August, but I just couldn't bare to spend the money on it. I could apply the money to my car payment or something! (I lean more on the frugal side).

    In October I got a $100 gift card for working 5 years at my current company and saved up a little more cash from my birthday in November AND was able to use my PCE today! So I bought her! Swoon...

    I love the color! It is so pretty and eye-catching! With my new role at the company I work for I have a great need for a dayplanner (agenda, whatever). And I hated the $2 Wal-mart one I have been using. So this was a little splurge for me :yes:, but I am using it for work... so does that mean I can expense it?? Maybe write it off on my taxes... hmmmmm.

    here are the pix!

    [​IMG]so purdy!
    [​IMG]squeezing her in!
    [​IMG]yay! it's fits in my '06 legacy shoulder bag!
    [​IMG]all zipped up and ready to hit the Coach store again for more shopping bliss!
  2. Super cute! Congrats!!!
  3. Congrats! I bought the same thing today but the 3X5. In Punch!!!!!! I had to order mine since they only had the display one left. I can't wait for it to arrive!
  4. hahaha i love your pictures w/ the cute commentary!
  5. That's lovely! I love the color and I need a agenda too. But I agree with you on spending that much on a agenda. I hope I get coach gift cards too and more $ on christmas so I can spend it on things that I wouldn't normally buy.
  6. :nuts:I'm so jealous!!! I love it! Congrats!!!!!!!
  7. Wow! I've always loved that agenda--I think it is the most gorgeous one that Coach has ever made. I think it will make keeping up with your schedule a lot more fun!
  8. Cute! Congrats
  9. Soo cute with the pics :smile: That is a gorgeous agenda ~ Coach makes really nice ones. Congrats!! & just think, it's still money well spent- now you're well-organized AND in style with your agenda ;)
  10. Fabulous choice ! It's beautiful.
  11. So adorable!! Congrats!!
  12. Oooh, I want an agenda now...very nice!
  13. That is pretty love the color.
  14. thanks for sweet comments! I am bringing it to work for the 1st time this Thursday...I've been on vacation for a few days. I can't wait to use it officially!!
  15. WOW!! I love it!! I was looking at the agendas when I was shopping this week and I want one so badly ...but I am afraid I won't use it enough to justify buying it....

    Your's looks gorgeous in your bag, btw!