I finally bought Coach shoes!

  1. I love shoes, but am hard on them, so I never considered buying a pair of "designer" shoes, but was at DSW on Sat. and found a pair of Leah bronze metallic slingbacks on clearance (I would assume they're a style from last year if not before) and couldn't resist. They were $105, which for me was hard to do (of course, if I saw that price on a bag, I'd be telling my husband that I would have been stupid NOT to buy it at that price! LOL!), but they're so comfy and they looked great with my legacy wristlet that I wore that night. I'll try to post pics tomorrow (I'm working from home, so I think you ladies will be my lunch break!), but just wanted to share my excitement!
  2. yay! that's such a good deal!
  3. Great deal!! Can't wait to see pics. Enjoy!
  4. Congrats!! Pics please!!:yes:
  5. :smile: Awesome!
  6. Great Deal!! Can't wait to see pics!
  7. show us!! I'm so happy for you!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Congrats!!!
  10. Congrats.
  11. Here's a pic - I'm, working from home today (you guys are my break!), so I can't post a ton, but I wanted to get this on here.

    Thanks, as always, for the nice comments!
    leah pumps.JPG
  12. Congrats they are beautiful!
  13. Those are hot shoes!! Congrats :smile:
  14. Cute!
  15. They are really pretty! Enjoy!
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