I finally bought and got it!

  1. Just received my new Sukey! Really disappointed the box was so smashed....
  2. I'm here

    I want a sukey so bad
  3. I'm figuring out how to post pics so.....
    I brought her to work today....
    The bag is really stiff but I know that will work out.....
    I must admit that it's kind of flimsy (i guess i'm just used to leather bags ) :oh: [ Maybe I think it's flimsy because it doesn't have that leather weight :p ]
    It's very spacious inside, I do wish there was a cellphone pocket or three but, oh well.
    Overall I'm happy; not only did I hold out for my color choice (by impatiently waiting, stalking and lurking -I got it on sale :supacool::graucho::wlae:
  4. Nice. It sold out fast :smile:-
  5. Woohoo congrats
  6. Great colour! Congrats!

    My box was really smashed up when I got my item too :[
    Gucci should make sturdier boxes!
  7. Love it, congrats!
  8. Pretty! Welcome to the sukey family:smile:
  9. Is that the large Sukey? I got mine today, and it's HUGE. :cry: It seems that it almost drags the ground when I hold it by the handles. Sigh.
  10. nice congrats!!! might i ask where you bought it from (gucci.com?) do you think its possible for me to call an SA to track it down on sale as well or there isn't a chance? tia!
  11. I just returned mine to Gucci.com today; it was just too big for me. :sad: I just received it yesterday and all the factory wrapping was NOT removed, so it's brand new. Hopefully they will re-list it on the website at the sale price, so keep an eye out. Good luck.
  12. congrats its beautiful!
  13. Oh no, is it possible to get a new box? I understand how you feel, but enjoy your new bag~!!
  14. Love the handbag!
  15. Thanks guys! I know I'm a little late here but, this is the medium.
    I bought it on gucci.com, on sale. It was after the presale, I just kept checking the website. Not for this specifically, but when I saw it- I snagged it! I knew it wouldn't be there if I waited until later or the next day.